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Flashback Friday

I went impulse shopping during my lunch break and now I’m doing that thing where I convince myself it’s okay because everything was on sale. I probably could have done without the nachos and margarita after. Just kidding, I needed it all! Anywhos, every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’ll go back 4 years to the 4th week of June, 2015. Lots of ladies delivering some bops this week.

#3 Verbal Jint & Sanchez featuring Bumkey “Doin It”
Am I understanding this right? These boys making a fuss because she only wants the sex and not a real relationship? Lol cry harder. This was a song off of the collab mini album from Verbal Jint and Sanchez. It was released at a time when Verbal was appearing on Show Me The Money, hence the references in the song and music video.

#2 AOA “Heart Attack”
It’s not my fav song from them, but I love the crap out of this so hard! Gets me so hype lol, and I will always scream along to that chorus. And do that exercise-like knee lift choreography too. Here’s their comeback stage at Mnet. Have we heard anything from Choa lately?

#1 Sistar “Shake It”
Wouldn’t be summer without our summer queens! I love this song so much, it’s just so darn fun! I haven’t seen the MV since it came out, I’d forgotten how bright and colorful it was. I only remember that guy from Noel being in it lol, so I was surprised to also see some Monsta X in the video too. The girls look so good! Sooo cute and they look like they’re having lots of fun.

#4 Mamamoo “Um Oh Ah Yeh”
I remember this happened, but I don’t remember much of it lol. Only really the chorus. And I think those denim outfits. This was their first real big hit song, and it seemed like they promoted this for quite a while.

#10 Chae Yeon “Even If I Don’t See”

I think I remember this era, but not the song or the MV. I think I remember it because it was her first comeback in Korea after a really long time. She was active in China for so many years. I think that is also Block B’s Jaehyo? I like this styling though, I’ll be busy later putting my hair up in pin curls all night long.

source: 1theK 1 2, Mnet K-POP, Stone Music Entertainment, Soribara & mnet
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