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🌀 GOT7 round-up 🌀

🌀 GOT2DAY 2019 coming 1st of July!!!

🌀 BamBam won The Popular Votes Award at DaraDaily Awards in Thailand 

🌀 JB, Grey, Haruki by Saint Laurent (GOT7 JB X Saint Laurent artistic video interview)

🎥 Film by JDZ Chung Editor Choi Taekyung Stylist Chae Hanseok Hair Park Naejoo Make up Cho Hansera Cooperation Saint Laurent _ 날 선 생로랑의 옷은 JB의 매끈한 눈매와 완벽하게 어울렸죠. 회색을 좋아하고, 군더더기 없는 담대한 태도. 말할 땐 조곤조곤, 이를테면 무라카미 하루키처럼. 2020 S/S 생로랑 컬렉션을 앞두고, LA의 한 저택에서 JB를 만났던 날, 하늘은 유난히 투명했습니다. 포근한 공기에 선선한 바람이 지나 부드럽고 달콤한 계절의 내음이 남고, 지붕 위 청아한 새소리와 그의 나긋한 음성이 조화롭게 어우러지는 비현실적 고요함 속에 JB와 나눈 진솔한 이야기들. 무성 영화 한 장면처럼 펼쳐진 그날의 기억. @arenakorea @prdsdef @ysl @anthonyvaccarello #YSLLA #YSL #SaintLaurent #YvesSaintLaurent #arenakorea #got7 #got7jb #got7jaebum

Henkilön Arena Homme+ Korea (@arenakorea) jakama julkaisu

🌀 Social media

Bambam posting about gold-crusted fish in an IG story that just called OP poor

Jinyoung actually posting something, that's already news-worthy

...and apparently not just in OP's opinion because someone actually wrote an article about it

Jinyoung was also guest on this week's Prison Life of Fools

Source: GOT7 1 2 3 4 5 6 / haetbitmark 1 / wangjinbeom 1 / arenakorea 1 / defdaily 1 2 / jy_spinoff 1 / eternaljaebeom 1gif

That Ticketmaster interview is short but gives some surprising new tidbits from the members, worth checking out

damn JB ur sideprofile be fine
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