7:57 pm - 06/29/2019

2NE1 10th Anniversary Eng Sub

Their anniversary was last month, but it's the first time I've come across the whole 30 minute IG live subbed.

source: LIGHT A
ashdevilrun23 30th-Jun-2019 02:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!!!!
tsukarerudesu 30th-Jun-2019 10:04 pm (UTC)
thank you!!
pikapika217 1st-Jul-2019 02:12 am (UTC)
thank you!!
adenar 1st-Jul-2019 04:38 pm (UTC)
-> I love five whole minutes of the unnies fretting over camera settings and where everyone's sitting while unbothered maknae just does fanservice the whole time
-> i'm glad that they've gotten over whatever tension there was over cl's solo career/minzy leaving/2ne1 breaking up etc (bom said she got teary when minzy showed up ;_;), hopefully maybe more and more fans will follow suit (yg is the enemy!!!)
-> also i'm nominating minzy for bom's next 2ne1 collab, it's the subunit we deserved but never got. i feel like their relationship is underrated and their voices have always been paired for the best in 2ne1's ballads
-> will cl ever wear a hat? wasn't the last time she wore one like, follow me era? she's right, they were cute outfits but the hats didn't suit her. i also cannot wear hats and empathise
-> 2ne1 trot comeback 2k19
-> 'we can't do that these days, what these modern idols do' (minzy proceeds to break out the most ridiculous aegyo)
-> minzy fucking singing goodbye at them lmao
-> supposedly cl and dara's contracts with yg should be up around now and it's interesting that we've heard nothing about expirations or renewals; i really hope that at least cl jumps ship (they seem to have been vaguely managing dara well, except for her not getting any musical activities) and then in a few years we can get some ot4 content again

anyway this was pure and i didn't expect it and i'm so glad they did it. love them all <3

shazz_chan 2nd-Jul-2019 08:47 pm (UTC)
Ah thank you!
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