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Interview with Kibum about the movie "Jumunjin"

Watching "The phantom of the opera" to study the character

"Ghost is a person who can't forget his ex-lover, he can't leave a pension in the forest in Kangwondo and he lives like a phantom. Because of the acting for this character, I have to question myself continuously <I'm still alive or I'm dead. Why I am here ?>. I feel like I has become a philosophical and contemplative person"

The movie had started filming when the screenplay hadnt been finished yet. Therefore, Kim Kibum hadnt understood his character so well when he first attended the filming, moreover he is still in his early 20s' so it was very difficult for him to use his body to express one person's deep sorrow because of love

"During 2 months, I avoided contacting with people and spend almost the time in the dark places. I had tried my best to be able to be mysterious like the character <phantom> in the movie <The phantom of the opera> which I was recommended by the director".

"We (Kibum & Bora) sometime drink together. Also, the winter came to Jumunjin quite soon so I remember we got to see the first snow in November"

Suju is a strong family

"I'm the one who always busy but although I dont have chance to share every small story with the other members, inside my heart Suju still exist like a strong family. This time "Jumunjin" press conference, the other members also came and gave me their support"

Challenge in director Heo Jinho's play "A middle nap"

Not long ago, Ki Kibum has been cast in the play "A middle nap" of directer Heo Jinho. Singing, drama, movie, him, the question "What do you really want to do ?" hasnt have its meaning already.

"I think it's not important what modifier will be put in front of my name. I enjoy my life as much as I can so whatever I want and experience the happiness from that. Moreover, it's a honor that director Heo Jinho himself had suggested me to the play so I didnt question anything and agree."

"Everybody please stay healthy in the new year. I hope I can get healthier. It'd better begin with I should make my cold go away...."


"I avoided contacting with people and spend almost the time in the dark places."
now we have a bit of an idea why he's been MIA for like forever.
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