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[ENG SUB] Produce X 101 - Episode 9 Concept Evaluation Song part 2

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[Ranking from episode 8]
Position    Trainee Company Change
1 Kim Wooseok TOP Media - 0
2 Lee Jinhyuk TOP Media ↑ 9
3 Kim Yohan OUI Ent. ↑ 2
4 Song Hyeongjun Starship Ent. ↓ 2
5 Koo Jungmo Starship Ent. ↑ 3
6 Lee Eunsang BrandNew Music - 0
7 Nam Dohyun MBK Ent. - 0
8 Lee Jinwoo Maroo Ent. ↓ 4
9 Han Seungwoo Plan A Ent. ↑ 4
10 Kim Mingyu Jellyfish Ent. ↓ 7
11 Son Dongpyo DSP Media ↑ 1
12 Song Yuvin Music Works ↓ 3
13 Cha Junho Woolim Ent. ↑ 2
14 Ham Wonjin Starship Ent. ↓ 4
15 Lee Hangyul MBK Ent. ↑ 2
16 Choi Byungchan Plan A Ent. ↓ 2
17 Cho Seungyeon Yuehua Ent. ↑ 2
18 Hwang Yunseong Woolim Ent. ↑ 3
19 Keum Donghyun C9 Ent. ↓ 3
20 Kang Hyeonsu AAP.Y ↑ 2
21 Lee Sejin iME Korea ↓ 1
22 Kim Kookheon Music Works ↓ 4
23 Kang Minhee Starship Ent. - 0
24 Kim Sihoon BrandNew Music ↑ 1
25 Kim Hyeonbin Source Music ↑ 2
26 Lee Hyeop Individual ↑ 14
27 Tony HONGYI Ent. ↓ 3
28 Park Sunho sidusHQ ↓ 2
29 Choi Soohwan Individual ↓ 1
30 Joo Changuk Woolim Ent. ↑ 1
Eliminated trainees
31 Kim Dongyun Woolim Ent. ↓ 2
32 Moon Hyunbin Starship Ent. ↑ 7
33 Won Hyuk E Ent. ↑ 15
34 Kwon Taeeun A_CONIC ↓ 2
35 Kang Seokhwa Individual ↓ 1
36 Baek Jin VINE Ent. ↓ 6
37 Lee Midam AAP.Y ↑ 1
38 Yun Junghwan BrandNew Music ↓ 3
39 Jeong Jaehun Around Us Ent. ↑ 8
40 Yuri ESteem ↓ 7
41 Lee Woojin Maroo Ent. ↑ 1
42 Kim Dongbin MLD Ent. ↓ 5
43 Wei Ziyue HONGYI Ent. ↑ 2
44 Kim Sunghyun Stone Music -
45 Kim Sungyeon Individual ↑ 4
46 Choi Junseong Jellyfish Ent. ↓ 5
47 Lee Wonjun E Ent. ↓ 11
48 Park Yunsol NEST Ent. ↓ 5
49 Hidaka Mahiro YG Ent. ↑ 9
50 PEAK Chandelier Music ↑ 1
51 Hong Seongjun BrandNew Music ↑ 5
52 Kim Minseo Woolim Ent. ↑ 2
53 Lee Taeseung Maroo Ent. ↑ 2
54 Woo Jewon Around Us Ent. ↓ 4
55 Lee Eugene Individual ↓ 2
56 Gwon Huijun Cre.ker Ent. ↓ 4
57 Han Gichan Fantagio ↓ 11
58 Wang Jyunhao YG Ent. ↑ 2
59 Moon Junho Woolim Ent. - 0
60 Nam Donghyun The South ↓ 3

[Spoilers from this episode]
[X Trainee]

The eliminated trainee that is coming back is Woollim's Kim Dongyun

[Final Concept Groups]
Monday to Sunday

Nam Dohyun, Kim Dongyun, Joo Changuk, Lee Sejin, Tony, Lee Hyeop, Kim Mingyu


Lee Jinhyuk, Choi Byungchan, Kim Hyeonbin, Lee Hangyul, Cho Seungyoun, Kim Kookheon

Pretty Girl

Ham Wonjin, Koo Jungmo, Kang Minhee, Song Hyeongjun, Lee Jinwoo, Son Dongpyo

Super Special Girl

Song Yuvin, Kim Sihun, Choi Suhwan, Kang Hyeonsoo, Keum Donghyun, Park Sunho

U Got It

Cha Junho, Hwang Yunseong, Kim Wooseok, Han Seungwoo, Kim Yohan, Lee Eunsang

Sources: KSHOW123, Soompi
nekokonneko 30th-Jun-2019 08:42 pm (UTC)
kim mingyu had too much damn screentime this episode and i am so over the constant coddling and hand-holding he gets while failing upwards. it did my head in to watch that singing coach scold yubin for the way he sang his parts in super special girl but praised mingyu for just about holding his notes. what is with this pr campaign? he can't really sing or dance, doubt he can rap, he's not even funny!

also, i already knew this show basically does whatever it can to mess with the contestants for the drama, but this episode was just the worst. the way this concept evaluation has been structured is just such a logistical nightmare. assigning 12 trainees each to 5 songs, having them all practice those songs in 2 groups of 6, only to eliminate half the lot and then re-structure all the groups, some completely from scratch...and then throw in another wrench by having a late member addition to one group, this topped off with the coaches and choerographers yelling at them for not having the choreo down. well, no shit they don't.
accioanime 30th-Jun-2019 08:42 pm (UTC)
I'm over the extra attention on Yuvin and Minggyu this episode... Suhwan, please rise for us shorties. Yuvin has been taking main vocal position every single time, he is surely talented but he needs to learn to give other people a chance or at least share some of those lines. I think last season Yuri and Goeun semi-shared the main vocal position in the concept eval where they take turns with the high notes.

Still don't see the point of Lee Jinwoo in the debut team aside from being the team mascot, he refused to sing in the last ep and his dance skills are meh. He is one of those idols who are purely there for cuteness factor. At least Minggyu kinda works hard and pushes himself, though I also don't want him in the debut team. Boy aint ready. Another pointless pretty boy for me is Cha Junho.

I did find it sweet how easily Monday to Sunday team decided to invite Dongyun to their team while the other team were being so strategic about it. I think it has a lot to do with how much younger these group is and everything is more simplified in their heads... all they care about is how nice and helpful and talented Dongyun was lol

Edited at 2019-06-30 08:51 pm (UTC)
dantethetaco 30th-Jun-2019 09:51 pm (UTC)
Still don't see the point of Lee Jinwoo in the debut team [...] Another pointless pretty boy for me is Cha Junho

I swear to God I still don't know who these are, or Jungmo. I had to check twice the names on the groups because I was like "Who are these kids???" to a good 6-7 trainees-

Edit: because that was not meant to be a reply to you lmao

Edited at 2019-06-30 09:55 pm (UTC)
nekokonneko 30th-Jun-2019 10:07 pm (UTC)
lee jinwoo is super young now, so even in 5 years' time he'll only be cracking his twenties but i'm dying imagining him still doing that ~haenamie~ agyeo even then
dantethetaco Me blacklisting everyone on UGI for voting Yuvin out30th-Jun-2019 09:55 pm (UTC)

Anyways, I feel like Yuvin fits this song better than U Got It. Suhwan is an angel. The focus on Mingyu was strong on this episode. I feel like we only really saw three teams really. The most balanced/talented group seems to be the Move one, plus I want almost everyone on that group to make it to the final group. So I'm looking forward to that performance the most.

So for now my picks are:
Dongpyo (altho I don't think he really fits with the rest of my picks lmao)
nekokonneko RE: Me blacklisting everyone on UGI for voting Yuvin out30th-Jun-2019 10:05 pm (UTC)
i agree with most of your picks. mostly i'm happy you have in hyunbin since he seems to get left off even though he's good and has great potential ;-;

mayuyu 1st-Jul-2019 01:19 am (UTC)
The way Wooseok spoke this episode really irked me. It almost came off manipulative? I mean I understand not wanting to bring in a new member after all the changes they had + him not knowing the choreo 100% yet, but it really put me off how he was kind of like "well I don't mind sharing my parts but do /you/ guys /really/ want to share?". IA that it wasn't the best decision to bring him in to the U Got It team but he should have just straight up said he didn't want him joining and why like the other teams.

Overall I like the teams and I feel like they are pretty well balanced. Looking forward to Move and Pretty Pretty teams the most.
citypolaroids 1st-Jul-2019 01:47 am (UTC)
can move team just debut as is? and og pretty pretty team, too. i'm so nervous bc half of my faves are hovering in the 10s and they deserve all the last minute upsets in the world, but i'm afraid it'll end up the opposite. there isn't a lot of synergy with the current top 10 aka they don't seem like they'd make a cohesive group
bloodtaki2 2nd-Jul-2019 08:05 am (UTC)
The way Wooseok talked in this episode was a bit... Idk how to explain but it's like he showed us his ruthless side. He could have straight out said he didn't want the x trainee instead of bringing down the mood of the woollim boys.

Now everybody is gonna cheer for Sunday To Monday because they're the kicked out members.

Mnet pushing their Mingyu narrative. Like someone said, the trainers mildly scolding Yuvin for his singing style but praising mingyu for singing not off tune and not messing up choreo is a joke.

I thought Yuvin would fit Super Special girl the most so he's not in a bad situation but there were other trainees I would have rather given the boot to. I have nothing against Junho but he doesn't fit the concept more than the others who got kicked out. U Got It being basically all the Boss team feat Yunseong.

Still don't understand Eunsang's appeal and how he got voted over Dohyun. Dohyun being rightfully snarky.

I just realized he's the one doing all those high pitched puppy squeals. He's cute.

Move team, Super Special Girl and You Got It could debut as such. Especially Move team.
miuratenshi 8th-Jul-2019 03:18 am (UTC)
Mnet pushing their Mingyu narrative. Like someone said, the trainers mildly scolding Yuvin for his singing style but praising mingyu for singing not off tune and not messing up choreo is a joke."

Thank you like wtf. The Minkyu bias has been obvious since the audition episode I am a tired of it.
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