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Stalker finds Kim Dong-wan's home

A stalker has left a provocative message on a letter in actor-singer Kim Dong-wan's mailbox, angering the star.

The member of six-member boy band Shinhwa on Saturday shared photos of the message on Instagram. Seemingly written with a black ballpoint pen, it read: "I worked my ass off looking for your house. I know you! I found you!"

A close look at the letter revealed it was delivered from a Suwon post office on June 25 to an officetel in the Ingye-dong area in Suwon's Paldal District.

Kim's hashtag phrases on the post clearly showed the prank angered him. They read: "If you meant this as a joke, I will make you suffer the opposite. I can see your picture clearly."

The star from the Shinhwa Company, founded in 2011 by the former SM Entertainment band that rocked K-pop fans in 1998, asked the stalker to "respect my wish to be comfortable at my private space."

Kim's supporters on social media told the star, 39, that the unknown person "must not be forgiven" and "whoever that person is must be reported to police and punished." Some told Kim to "keep a guard dog."

Kim, one of a few K-pop acts with acting credentials on TV and stage, took the lead role in the TV comedy-satire-drama "I Don't Wanna Work" on KBS in September 2018.

Privacy breaches by fans are not new to Kim. He left an online warning to them in January. His company also told fans to "stop leaving food at his home that is in a suburban area because it can lure wild boars and threaten the neighborhood."

source: The Korea Times
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