. (apathycollusion) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Lee Je Hoon departing to London,England for volunteer/charity work + Lending his voice for Audiobook

-Arrived at the ICN airport to London for volunteer/charity activities.

-Just wrapped up his variety traveling show 'Traveler'

-Lended his voice for the Korean audiobook version 'Norwegian Wood'

Sources: KOREA Dispatch I Twitter: kpopceleb I By Way Of: wowkorea.live Twitter- xingyun0704: xingyun0704 1 I By Way Of: daumcdn.net I xingyun0704 2 I By Way Of: daumcdn.net I xingyun0704 3 I By Way Of: daumcdn.net I Twitter: boy_hugs_summer I By Way Of: Naver TV
Tags: actor/actress, airport, books / authors, charity
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