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2nd gen girl group members chat about secretly dating and their past concepts/songs

The July 2 episode was a “Reply 2009! The girls we loved” special featuring Park Bom of 2NE1, Yubin of Wonder Girls, Jenyer (Jeon Jiyoon) of 4Minute, and Song Ji Eun of Secret. MC Sandara Park of 2NE1 also joined in their discussion.

On Secretly Dating:
- All 5 have dated celebrities (3 dated a singer, 1 dated an actor, 1 dated an athlete)
- 4 have dated while promoting in a girl group
- 1 has been asked out by male celebrities/athletes more than 10 times

Song Ji Eun said, “This is something that I heard, but I heard that [celebrities] tell their stylist that they’re interested in someone and ask them to relay the message.” Jenyer added, “I heard that [celebrities] ask people in the entertainment industry to match them up.”

Yubin said, “They find out the other person’s number and send a text message like, ‘I’m your fan. I’m cheering for you.’ or ‘I want to get close to you.'” Park Bom added that she’s heard celebrities meet on variety and music shows. She explained they talk after meeting on shows and later call the person they have an interest in.

As for the actual dates, Jenyer hilariously replied, “As for me, I mean, not me. According to what I’ve heard, there are cafés where there aren’t many people. I, I mean from what I’ve heard, there are cafés in the neighborhoods of Chungdam and Nonhyun.”

“I hear it’s different for celebrities as you work longer in the industry,” revealed Sandara Park. “If one person has a car, they pick you up and you enjoy a date in the car. If you live alone, you meet up at home. You can also go on a hike at 12 a.m. in the summer after buying chicken and get drenched in sweat. I hear there are no people around.”

Jenyer then chose the hallways of music show dressing rooms and the spot in front of vending machines as “hot places” for dating. She explained, “There’s a place there where you can’t be seen. There’s a staircase there and I saw [couples on dates] a few times there while going to the bathroom. There are people there who are brave.”

“I also went out to go to the bathroom,” said Song Ji Eun. “You can just say hi and wave, but there are some [idols] who do high fives. Instead of just a touch, they hold hands then walk by. You don’t [interlace fingers] between friends so I thought that those [idols] are having a fling.”

Sandara Park made everyone laugh by adding, “You know the dressing rooms right before going on stage at ‘Inkigayo?’ A lot of looks are exchanged there. Everyone’s gathered there and things always seem to start there because everyone has to gather for the greeting at the end.”

Jenyer added, “Around the time of my debut, a celebrity asked me out and we dated. But while we dated, he cheated on me with multiple people. He was dating three people besides me.”

On past concepts/songs:
Song Ji Eun talked about how she hadn’t expected that Secret’s 2011 song “Starlight Moonlight” would do so well.

“After we’d done exciting tracks, they gave us this song that sounded like a children’s song,” she explained. “Others were doing songs with lyrics such as ‘I Am the Best’ and ‘I Rock.’ The lyrics ‘You’re my starlight, my moonlight’ felt too much like a children’s song. I was worried, and I didn’t want to do it. But then we came in first, so I didn’t say anything.”

The hosts also asked Song Ji Eun about her “dumpling hair” from their “Shy Boy” era. She explained that the concept had been called “Chun-Li hair,” following the style of the character Chun-Li in the game Street Fighter.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, so at first I tied my hair lower on both sides,” she said. “Then I put it up higher, and then the buns started to get bigger, since people loved it.” She laughed as she explained that she looked like Mickey Mouse because they got so big.

Jenyer said that she’d originally been a vocalist in 4Minute, but the group didn’t have songs where singing was showcased, as their tracks were more focused on dance performance.

She also said that people don’t recognize her now, and talked about how she always wore sunglasses in the period after their debut. “Whenever I left the dorm, I’d always wear sunglasses,” she said. “It was really a ‘mysterious’ concept. I even wore them in the waiting rooms.”

Jenyer shared that once when she was sleeping, 2PM’s Taecyeon came to 4Minute’s waiting room because he was curious about what she looked like without her sunglasses. She said that he was so surprised when she woke up that he ran out of the room. When asked if he was able to see her face, Jenyer said he probably saw half of it, as her sunglasses might have slipped a bit.

Yubin shared the story of her debut with Wonder Girls and their huge hit “Tell Me.” After Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 with “Irony,” member HyunA left the group due to health issues, and Yubin joined as a new member for their “Tell Me” comeback.

“In the two weeks before my debut, I recorded 12 songs, filmed a music video, and learned choreography for three songs,” said Yubin. “HyunA had left due to health issues and they were looking for a new member, so I was cast for Wonder Girls while I was preparing for Five Girls.”

Yubin shared that the members hadn’t liked “Tell Me” at first, explaining that it was because of the retro concept as they hadn’t lived in that generation. “We wanted to do something pretty, but we had to curl our hair and wear colorful makeup like green eyeshadow, so we didn’t like it,” she said. “I thought that we’d do a concept like ‘Irony’ but we had to do ‘Tell Me,’ so I was really shocked.”

The hosts mentioned to Park Bom that she’d said she had expected that all of 2NE1’s songs would do well, and Park Bom smiled as she confirmed that.

“It was because the songs were so good,” she said. “When I received the songs, I thought they were so good. I thought that no matter who sang them, they’d do well.”

Sandara Park revealed that 2NE1 had a unique way of recording, as producer Teddy would call them into the recording studio and have each member record their parts without hearing the full song. They’d then be shocked when they heard everything put together.

Park Bom shared that there was one song she was concerned about, which was their 2010 track “Can’t Nobody.” She explained, “The genre seemed too fast to me.” Sandara Park added, “We did experimental things, so there were always worries. I worried a lot about whether the public could accept it.”

The pair also talked about 2NE1’s unconventional styling, and Park Bom admitted there was a time that she thought it was weird. She described Sandara Park’s famous style with her hair in a column on top of her head, and she said, “It was alright because she’s pretty.”

“I didn’t have any complaints, said Sandara Park. “I think I liked things that were unconventional. My hair got higher and higher, like the dumpling hair you mentioned earlier got bigger. I liked it.”

At the end they also performed a medley of their songs, you can watch it here.

source: soompi 1 2, tvreport, Ilgan Sports, Daum, Naver, NaverTV 1 2 3
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