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Little Tiger JK vs Tiger JK Junior

Little Tiger JK

There are 3 things that are impossible to hide: love, sneeze, and flowing talents. Jo Kwon, the leader of 2AM with amazing vocal abilities, smoothly spitted out "JYP style rap" for the first time, showing his force that he built up during the 8 years he spent as a trainee. Of Jo Kwon, songwriter Lee Minsoo said that "Tiger JK is Jo (j) Kwon (k)", and audience agreed, saying that "indeed, Jo Kwon is strong". Of course, his rap skills are not good enough to be compared to that of an intoxicated tiger. But Jo Kwon, who possesses numerous talents (including jazz skit, Korean traditional music, English, dance, acting, digital voice) is equally scary as a tiger ripping apart a dried persimmon. Not to forget, the fact that this feast of talents has been growing since 10 years ago makes us freeze over with fear. 10 years from now, what will he be!

Tiger JK Junior

Year 2010, on the new year special of KBS Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, child prodigy rapper Seo Jordan appeared and captivated the audience with the freestyle rapping of "Ba-ryah-bu-ryeo" and "Boom pow pow". Displaying his adamant taste by proclaiming that he likes 2NE1 better than his father, Seo Jordan showed extreme stage presence by capturing all the attention immediately after he appeared on the stage, and also showed his natural celebrity sense by revealing his killer smiles. But against the people's wish of him becoming the future head of the Movement crew, Daddy Tiger stated that he did not want his son to suffer the pain of music, and expressed that he only wanted his son to "become crooked as late as possible". Perhaps because of that, Jordan, who also appeared on MBC Golden Fishery, showed his talents as a detective by finding the water bottle underneath the table and recovering an apple from behind the sets.

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translated by : gogoparty (thanks ♥) @ omona_prection

the links on this article are all worth to click! :D
Jordan is cute and amazing, and i love Jo Kwon...
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