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Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Shinhwa’s Minwoo To Be Withdrawn (according to his agency)

Following reports that Shinhwa’s Minwoo had allegedly sexually harassed two women at a bar in Gangnam, Minwoo’s agency Liveworks Company released an official statement on the matter.

The agency stated that it was something that happened out of a misunderstanding, which the involved parties have now cleared up. In addition, the agency stressed that there was no sexual harassment and that the official complaint will be withdrawn.

Here is the full statement from Liveworks:

Hello. This is Liveworks Company.

First, we’d like to bow our heads in apology to all those that must have been disappointed and shocked at the news about our agency artist [Minwoo] today.

We spoke to [Minwoo] in order to find out what happened, and it was an incident that occurred out of a small misunderstanding at a gathering with acquaintances at a pojangmacha (tent bar). The involved parties have talked to each other and cleared up all misunderstandings. On reporting sexual harassment to the police when there was no sexual harassment, the other party will be withdrawing their complaint.

However, regardless of the truth of the matter, Lee Min Woo is ashamed that his has happened at all. He is sincerely apologetic, and he is reflecting.

As the involved parties have cleared up all misunderstandings, we earnestly request that everyone refrain from speculative reports.

Once again, we apologize for causing concern.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
Tags: sexual harassment / sexual assault, shinhwa
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