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See any nice fireworks lately?
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gathyou 5th-Jul-2019 08:37 am (UTC)
Hi everyone! I haven't been able to comment a lot here recently and I still have messages I want to answer to TT
I don't have internet at my new flat atm and not many time to hang out in a coffee with free access x) I should be able to spend some time online Sunday. It's so weird not having internet at home, especially since I'm alone in my own flat now, no distraction in the evenings! It makes me realize how being online feels essential to my daily habits, and I'm not too happy about it lol
Anyway, I moved out, the flat is great even though I still have moving boxes scattered everywhere lol, and I'm doing great! I hope you all had great weeks and will have a greater weekend <3
meyouthisthat 5th-Jul-2019 09:39 am (UTC)
Hello! It's just such an amazing feeling when you aren't always so connected to the internet isn't it. I was surprised by that too but I always feel mentally better when I travel to countries where wifi isn't so readily available.
mallmouse 5th-Jul-2019 09:21 am (UTC)
Anyone else having their heart ripped out and stomped on by One spring night? I so hope they wont pull a SITR on us. Same writers/director after all...

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psharp10 5th-Jul-2019 09:34 am (UTC)
i just found out today that KARD is coming here (new delhi)?? and now i'm wondering if i should go or not. it's whole day long event starting with album signing to photo op and hi-touch and then a fanmeet/concert. unfortunately it's on a friday so i have work, but i could take an early leave/day off?

a ticket for the whole event is 7k (rupees) and to be frank i don't care about them that much to get that ticket, otherwise the other ticket is for 1.9k (rupees, inclusive of taxes) which is... ok, not bad. and then each perk (photo op and hi-touch are the two) are for 1k each. i went through kard's discography again to see just how many songs of their do i really like/enjoy, and i can positively say i like 5? 6? of their songs. i did follow them when they had debuted and all, but failed to keep up with them. i mostly just like somin and jiwoo and then saw then on supertv so i'm hmmmm if i should go at all or not rn

has anyone been to their concert or anything? are they fun regardless of how much of a fan you are? like i know certain groups i've seen live have been super fun even if then i didn't know as much about them (epik high, for one)
meyouthisthat 5th-Jul-2019 09:37 am (UTC)
Hello everyone! I've not been around here much cause I lost my livejournal pw (but recently recovered it, yay!). How is everyone?

I've been looking for jobs recently and wow it's abit tough. Like I'd have good news and then something will happen to make me feel down. I had a call scheduled with a recruiter at a global company located in Amsterdam. It's a role I really like and it seems like a good place to work at. She completely missed it last night. I emailed like twice and nope no reply. I know it was just a phone screening but wow I felt so down.

And for the roles I'm applying for, I need to put together a portfolio and wow that's stressful lol. So many firms ask for one even though it's a research position. Anyway crossing my fingers that I get something soon cos I really can't stand being in this company a day longer lol, and I really want to move overseas as well.

aures 5th-Jul-2019 10:15 am (UTC)
oh you are also from the netherlands? looking for a decent job is hard isn't it? i hope you will be able to find something soon, it's stressful and super frustrating >.< the uncertainty is what always gets to me
aures 5th-Jul-2019 10:10 am (UTC)
hi guys~

i hope you all have a good week so far

there are a couple of things i would like to discuss;

girl groups / female solos:

* the gap between somi and chung ha is surreal. i can almost not believe they used to be in the same group with somi center and chung ha in the back, its almost shocking now they promote at the same time how much chung ha has grown and somi hasn't - every time i see their performances i can't wrap my mind around it how extremely charming chung ha is and how incredibly strong she is as a solo artists and it makes somi look really flat

* i love g-idle's comeback, but minnie is really disappointing me - i don't know if it's the concept or anything but it's not working for her, she looks super flat and her charisma is out the window??? she reminds me of 4minute's jihyun and that's not a compliment :( i'm so sad because previous promotions she was doing so well. i hope she'll step it up again next time~ i'm super happy to see the others have grown a lot though, especially shuhua is more confident and i'm so proud of her.

* i'm excited for IOI! i'm really curious what they will bring and i hope for chung ha center lol

* i adore gfriend's fever, it's so unique and they have matured a lot, i'm so proud of them!

Otherwise i'm excited for this weekend's FIFA WWC matches! i'm sooooooo proud of our dutch beauties that they made it to finals! i'm so excited wow. I mean, USA is super strong so i don't have high expectations + they had to go really deep to make it this far, so i can imagine they are exhausted, but even if they lose and become second i'm super proud of them!

Also, MBC posted this and kjad;lkjdf;jadf i miss Secret so much ;~; they had such a good run and super bobs and it's just so sad that they could've gotten so much more with the right management and ;aljdf;lkjasd;flkj it's so sad but i'm happy MBC finally gave Secret a compilation. All their main songs were super nice and they were actually able to adapt to a lot of different concepts, which is hard. 2nd gen was truly the best.
What songs were your favorite?

meyouthisthat 5th-Jul-2019 10:29 am (UTC)
I'm really amazed by chungha. she was like my third fav in ioi - behind sejeong and somi. but omg she's really blossomed. she's just sooo amazing on stage? so comfortable and confident, I think she's a much better performer than so many of her seniors too. I just love watching her and offstage she's so down to earth and easygoing. i really hope her career goes reallyyy far!
apori 5th-Jul-2019 11:05 am (UTC)
Hello all, wishing you a wonderful summer (or winter if you're in southern hemisphere) weekend! I'm in the north but it's colder here than it was in Australia in July back when I lived there *frowning emoji*

My week/life is boring, nothing new to report lol. Still job searching and hating it. Had a bunch of interviews and some are still pending, some have already rejected me. Somehow I'm starting to take it a bit personal ho hum, but I suppose getting interviews at all is a positive. My contract is up in the middle of July and then I'll be unemployed since I for sure won't get any new offers by then.

On the more positive side, I will go and spend almost two weeks with my family when the contract is up. It will be the first extended time in two years! I'm very excited about that. I also reconnected with my uncle for the first time in a decade this week. He and my aunt divorced back then, and we lost touch, but my aunt has a great friendship with him, so there was no reason for me not to, and then per the wonders of social media we're back in touch again and talked a little. I generally hate social media, but being able to stay in touch with my older relatives like this is actually quite nice.
dior_chic 5th-Jul-2019 01:12 pm (UTC)
I’m so excited for Nature’s comeback now, I revisited their their comeback last year and the two bsides and I love them! They’re a fun group
aures 5th-Jul-2019 06:28 pm (UTC)
same, same ♥
dior_chic 5th-Jul-2019 01:27 pm (UTC)
Ooh and I think I found another Stray Kids song I like. I liked My Pace initially but now I have Miroh which is so high energy I love it!

Idk if this is enough for me to learn names ( it’s not often for me to bother learning boy group members - I feel like it’s only a handful I know most of the members names) but maybe I’ll try to check our future releases

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lil_poisonfrog Twice concert in NJ!5th-Jul-2019 02:35 pm (UTC)
Is anyone else going to Twice's Newark show on the 21st?? If you're over 21 I'd love to meet up and chat beforehand!! Lmk
dior_chic RE: Twice concert in NJ!5th-Jul-2019 02:40 pm (UTC)
Oooh have fun at the Newark show!!! I get to see them 2 days after you lol

Speaking of Twice I want to post their Music Station performance of Breakthrough since Nayeon on the floor is killing meeee but yea they’re being blocked so fast, it’s probably not worth me trying to make a post if I have to change out videos regularly due to copyright
frequency 5th-Jul-2019 02:39 pm (UTC)
hey, y'all. i got back from my trip on sunday evening. i had a really good time, and for a shocking change, actually felt really good physically! it was nice to see a lot of people i haven't seen for a long time or only see about once a year. i saw some kids i haven't seen in about 10(!!!) years, and while i knew it was them, i was like "that is NOT them. no way!" which also made me feel old. 😂 i'm ready to start saving my $$$ for next year.

unfortunately, my good feeling didn't last long. as soon as i got home, all my pain caught up with me, and now my allergies are trying to plot my destruction. (i got a strep test just to make sure and it came back negative.) i'm so congested that i literally feel like my head is about to explode. i have so much laundry to do but i just... don't feel good enough to do it, lol.

also damn i really hate climate change. it's so hot!! we've had heat indices above 105F for days.

Edited at 2019-07-05 03:24 pm (UTC)
aures 5th-Jul-2019 06:36 pm (UTC)
i'm so sorry to hear about your allergies >.< that's awful! especially because it all came back negative, are they going to run more tests?
daynr 5th-Jul-2019 03:43 pm (UTC)
I hope Canadians & Americans had fun being nationalist this week, and that the Americans didn't get woken up all week with fireworks. I'm traveling to a state where fireworks aren't banned but this year people weren't too wild.

I am living for the WC, and I spent all week outraged about Phil Neville, and post-match, some English commentators to the list. The amount of whining about a little pose from a team that got a red card, injured two of our players, and has a coach that has spent all tournament passive aggressively scolding/policing other teams and their players. England needs to go reflect on their own hypocrisy. Outraged! (And I've rather enjoyed it, I've been a total crank all week!)

Got7 is near me by Wednesday, and I still haven't decided if I'll attend. If anyone has concert reports, please share! Or, fav Got7 songs? I'll admit I like them more than their songs, which is partially why I'm on the fence. That, and the fact that I'm a (well-preserved and still fine) semi-fossil.

neongoldtooth 5th-Jul-2019 06:44 pm (UTC)
Are you me??? Cuz that is EXACTLY how I feel about Got7 😂
I’m going to the Wednesday show with a friend and her bf (third wheeling it AND probs one of the few closer to 30)
I like a lot of JB’s solo stuff and I like Jus2’s songs.
Their older music I can’t really vibe to but I like their newer singles.
sciencebottle 5th-Jul-2019 04:57 pm (UTC)
I hope everyone had a good week :)

Canada Day was different for me this year. I really tried my best to educate myself on the history of the country and it’s horrible treatment of First Nations and Indigenous people (which is still happening, while everyone else celebrates...) so I decided to opt out of the parties and fireworks this year. Instead, I went out to support local Indigenous businesses and restaurants! It felt really good, and I had some really great conversations with the owners. :) A Canada Day well spent.

apori 5th-Jul-2019 08:43 pm (UTC)
That sounds like an incredible way to spend the day!! (If you have any such restaurant recs in Ontario please feel free to send my way as well.)
pwrpuffgrl 5th-Jul-2019 07:17 pm (UTC)
The Little Mermaid casting talk has given me a headache. People are so racist and color-blind it literally makes me sick to my stomach. I shouldn't care but I do.
cosmicdaze 5th-Jul-2019 08:09 pm (UTC)
i finally got a job!!!! i start next week!!!!!! thank you to everyone who humored my complains for the past few weeks, especially gathyou and aures who were always so kind <3

now i can officially start planning my move to thailand again. i just need to work full time for six months (at least) to get the money i need so even if this job sucks i'm just going to tough it out so i can finally have something to work toward and look forward to again

also it's been TWO months since the nct concert and i'm having serious post concert depression again...i just love them so much sobs
daynr 5th-Jul-2019 09:47 pm (UTC)
Congrats! What kind of job?
mntsuklaa 5th-Jul-2019 10:23 pm (UTC)
I just watched the entire 3rd season of Stranger Things and Steve and Dustin are my bickering otp. Hopefully the 4th season comes quickly.

The past few months I've all but abandoned my ipod and started listening to music from youtube. I'd love to listen to some nugu groups from 09-16 (or even more recent) but I can't really remember any and the youtube algorithm is only suggesting new songs from popular groups that I've heard hundreds of times already. So if anyone has any fond memories of underrated groups that released bops, I'm open to recommendations! (For example, some of my fav nugu songs are 2eyes - Pippi, D-Unit - I'm Missing You and D-Unit - Luv Me. There are a bunch of boy groups as well but I can't think of any off the top of my head)
sciencebottle 5th-Jul-2019 10:56 pm (UTC)
I just finished stranger things right now! steve really was super lovable this season. I'm still not over the ending, but I'm curious as to where they'll take it from here.
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