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Taeyang's OSEN Interview: Dec. 31, 2009

TaeYang: “He Looks Serious for a Reason”

People shine when they do what they love best. Probably that is why he shines so brightly when he sings and dances on stage. This guy who sat down with me for an interview today is a cute, shy young man but once on stage he turns into a performer who is brimming with charisma and sizzling with sexiness. His name is TaeYang.

He was barely 20 when I first met him. Obviously he has constantly grown since that day – a fact that makes me always look forward to what he will bring next.

This year, TaeYang released two digital singles – Where U At and Wedding Dress, roughly a year and a half after his first solo album, which was highly praised both by the public and the critics. Since it was right after the leader of the band GD’s first solo album swept the charts, he must have been extra nervous because there was an element of competition, albeit friendly.

When asked about it, he, true to his form, said he was just so happy that he could make music, which he loved so much, and share it with many people. He said, “I’m so glad that I can do music I’ve wanted to do. Of course, I felt pressured and nervous and anxious coming out with new solo singles. The biggest concern is the musical aspect – I wasn’t worried so much about whether people would like it or not as about whether my desire to come out with something better than the last one, both musically and performance-wise has been fulfilled.”

TaeYang considers the virtue of persistence most important. Persistence and commitment are the keys to his achievement. He constantly works on his dancing and vocal skills. Whenever he has time, he practices.

JiYong and I
This year, G-Dragon and TaeYang took turns to promote their solo releases as in a relay race. It must have been a happy year for the Big Bang fans. Having been together ever since they first joined YGE 13 years ago, the two are best buddies but they can’t be more different. What does TaeYang think of G-Dragon?

TaeYang: “We’ve come to know our differences very well. JiYong absorbs new things very quickly and has the presence of an icon. He constantly reinvents himself and has a glamorous image in fashion as well as in music. Compared to him, I’m a bit simpler. The fact that the people who became fans of my music early on continue to listen to and love my music is what I’m most proud of.”

Any plans to act?
Watching Top and SR acting in films/TV series, I was suddenly reminded that TaeYang used to be a child actor. It is a well known fact that he’s solely committed to music and I knew that it could be a rather irrelevant question but just went ahead and asked if he had any plans to act in the future.

TaeYang: “I became a child actor because my mum wanted me to and I remember I didn’t particularly like it. That led me to decide that I wouldn’t want to act again. But that was before. I’m not saying that I will definitely act again. I might want to act again if I come across something that has to do with music, like “Dreamgirls,” and something that makes me feel that it’s going to be really great.”

A worrywart
TaeYang is a 21-year old young man. At that age, you’re supposed to feel like the whole world is yours. He has a sunny side of course but you get the impression that he is on the more serious and thoughtful side.

With a cute eye smile, TaeYang says, “I worry too much and am overly serious. It’s not that I don’t have a fun-loving side. I love to laugh and joke around and am as up for pranks as the next guy but I am simply too busy and have too much to do. When I’m having fun, I tend to lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing. People tell me I should loosen up a little but when I think about the things I need to do, I just can’t.”

Where does he put all his time and energy? Music, of course. He gets energized when he goes out on stage. When he focuses on something, he tends to give it his undivided attention. At the moment, he is crazy about music and wants to focus on music.

A girlfriend? Let’s have a look.
When he released Where U At, the fact that he’s never had a girlfriend got a lot of media attention. As you can tell from the title, the song is about a man longing to encounter the woman he is destined to be with. Well, there are only a few days left until the new year, so we’d better start looking next year.

When asked what type of woman he is looking for, he stresses that he doesn’t think looks are important. He says, “I like women who can take good care of themselves, are in control of their lives and understand their strengths. And I like a good listener. I don’t mind age difference up to 10 years.”

My dreams
When asked what he does when he doesn’t practice, he says he watches movies or reads comic books. He strongly recommends the “One Piece” series, saying it’s a masterpiece that vividly depicts the dreams, friendship and romance of the youth.

TaeYang still has many dreams. He says: “Although I realized the dream of becoming a singer, I’m still driven by my dream to become an influential artist who touches people’s hearts with good music. I believe that good music can change people and the world. I want to bring my future albums closer to perfection. I don’t want them to be sensational. I want them to reflect my life experiences and love in a truthful manner. I also dream of great performances and becoming a great dad someday.”

Having more to offer than what he has shown us so far, TaeYang works hard to become better than he is today. I expect TaeYang, with his sight firmly set on his goal, drawing strength from his passion and seriousness, to overcome any difficulty or ordeal that comes his way with his willpower and become a luminous star that shines most brilliantly.

[(c)OSEN; JungA Lee]
[Translated by pgeorgie]

Source: Basking in the Sun
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