12:55 pm - 07/06/2019

Dance The X with GFRIEND "Fever"

source: M2
suggestivepeach 7th-Jul-2019 07:04 am (UTC)

Ugh I’m obsessed with everything to do with this cb. The song, the choreo, the styling, etc. Still waiting for Itzy’s cb but this is the summer song to beat imo. I loooove Eunha and Sinb’s outfits here, and bb Umji looks RADIANT. The other dancers also did a great job!!

xoxkenzxox 8th-Jul-2019 12:21 am (UTC)
I agree. I feel like I have become their fan all over again this comeback. It's so fresh from their usual styling and sound. The actual song is dated sounding but I am trash for tropical house so I don't even care. And the girls themselves seem to be happy with the song which makes me happy.
suggestivepeach 8th-Jul-2019 03:48 pm (UTC)

Yep yep. I don’t usually like tropical house at all which is why I was so surprised at how immediately taken I was with the song! Eunha’s opening line gave me CHILLS. And yeah, I think a big reason why I’m enjoying this cb is because the girls just look really happy to be trying out a new concept, and it really suits them!

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