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[ENG SUB] Produce X 101 - Episode 10 Concept Evaluation Song part 3

Click on the image to watch on KSHOW123

Super Special Girl

Song Yuvin, Kim Sihun, Choi Suhwan, Kang Hyeonsoo, Keum Donghyun, Park Sunho

Pretty Girl

Ham Wonjin, Koo Jungmo, Kang Minhee, Song Hyeongjun, Lee Jinwoo, Son Dongpyo

Monday to Sunday

Nam Dohyun, Kim Dongyun, Joo Changuk, Lee Sejin, Tony, Lee Hyeop, Kim Mingyu


Lee Jinhyuk, Choi Byungchan, Kim Hyeonbin, Lee Hangyul, Cho Seungyoun, Kim Kookheon

U Got It

Cha Junho, Hwang Yunseong, Kim Wooseok, Han Seungwoo, Kim Yohan, Lee Eunsang

Sources: Kshow123, Mnet (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Move team slayed, all the others can go home. The only thing I agree from the voting is who got #1, well deserved.
Tags: produce 101, variety show
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