8:05 am - 07/07/2019

Heize - We don't talk together (Feat. Giriboy) (Prod. SUGA) MV

rockerista03 7th-Jul-2019 11:41 pm (UTC)
I am in love with this whole single. It fits the usual Heize sound but you can also hear Yoongi through and through this whole thing. Echoing the previous comments here, Yoongi's a phenomenal producer. I hope in the next comeback, BigHit lets them produce it on their own like really on their own. I understand they have the freedom with their composing, producing, and collaborations (Namjoon and Yoongi in particular), but I know BigHit still has the final say on which songs make the cut or not. I mean it's their job, they're the managing company, but just...lol I wanna hear all their unpublished songs tbh.

Anyway tl;dr I love this, Heize is still great, Yoongi is an amazing producer, and I hope he and the rest of the group get to fully produce an album soon (or at least an EP).
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