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The East Light’s Former Producer And Agency CEO Receive Sentences For Abuse Case

On July 5, the first sentencing hearing was held for Media Line Entertainment’s producer Moon Young Il and CEO Kim Chang Hwan.

Moon Young Il was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of child abuse of former The East Light members Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun, while Kim Chang Hwan was sentenced to eight months in prison suspended for two years of probation for aiding and abetting child abuse.

Moon Young Il was also ordered 80 hours and Kim Chang Hwan was ordered 40 hours of an educational program on child abuse treatment. Media Line Entertainment was additionally sentenced a fine of 20 million won (approximately $17,000).

Following the hearing, Kim Chang Hwan commented to reporters on his way out, “I will definitely appeal [the sentence].”

source: @soompi, soompi, newsen
Tags: court / legal issues, crime
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