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Hyeri apologizes for promoting sister's online shopping mall on 'Amazing Saturday'

On July 8, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s agency Creative Group ING posted an official statement responding to the recent controversy regarding the artist.

Hyeri is a cast member of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday,” and on the July 6 episode, she got a chance to have the camera film only her for getting the most lyrics correct for a mission song.

After the producers told her she could decide on a caption, Hyeri wrote down “Amaretto.” When the other cast members asked what that meant, Shin Dong Yup answered, “It’s the name of her younger sister’s online shopping mall.”

Park Na Rae jokingly added, “Wait. Shouldn’t this be considered product placement?” to which Hyeri responded, “It’s because I invested in it.”

Following the broadcast, Hyeri’s sister’s shopping mall “Amaretto” topped realtime search engines for two days straight and garnered lots of attention. Hyeri uploaded a screenshot of the realtime search rankings on her Instagram Stories, captioning it, “I can’t believe it’s topping realtime search engines. Congratulations. My younger sister.”

Reactions to Hyeri’s actions were mixed. While some people found nothing wrong with Hyeri promoting her sister’s online shopping mall, others pointed out that it could be unfair to other competitors in the online shopping mall industry who are not able to promote their businesses on a well-known variety show.

Following the heated debate online, Hyeri took down the Instagram story.

On July 8, Hyeri posted an official apology from her agency to her Instagram. The post reads as follows:


This is Hyeri’s agency Creative Group ING.

We apologize that Hyeri’s comments were not made carefully on the July 6 episode of ‘Amazing Saturday.’

She made those comments to add more fun to the program, and she did not realize that they could make viewers uncomfortable or become problematic.

We are recognizing and reflecting on our faults, and we will act more cautiously in the future so that similar situations are not repeated.

Although it was unintentional, we apologize once again to those who experienced discomfort due to this issue.


On the same day, the producers of “Amazing Saturday” also uploaded an official apology.

Hello. This is the crew of tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday.’

We relay our sincere apologies to all viewers who felt uncomfortable during the last broadcast.

The part that was only partially blurred during the broadcast was changed to be completely blurred for all reruns and VOD services, and the audio was modified as well. In the future, the crew will be more cautious and careful.

[Netizen comments]
Hyeri promotes dongsaeng's online store 'Amaretto' on variety -> deleted after it becomes controversial
1. [+3,708, -72] She doesn't own the broadcast channel, why isn't she able to understand that you can't promote things like that

2. [+3,571, -80] There are rules and regulations to PPL, who does she think she is to advertise for free?

3. [+2,997, -84] The producers and the Hyeri sisters need to apologize!!

4. [+376, -5] She's honestly crazy... how do you just promote yourself like that on TV?

5. [+360, -6] She sometimes just doesn't.. use her brain.. Why would you brag about making it on the search ranking over something that's controversial? She could've promoted her dongsaeng's shopping mall by just posting about it on SNS, why would you promote it on TV and cause all this controversy?

6. [+325, -3] This is worthy of a penalty, no??? You normally get penalized if you do PPL without following the rules

7. [+281, -3] I've never seen someone promote something so blatantly like this... and a family member's business at that...

8. [+238, -31] Hyeri turned her antis into fans with 'I Live Alone', why is she creating a controversy like this all on her own? Did she not think it would be controversial?

9. [+228, -2] How much greedier can you be?

10. [+209, -4] It made me think that she really doesn't think these things through... did she really post about making it on the search rankings without realizing that it was controversial? She doesn't know how to separate privacy from public?

Hyeri apologizes for mentioning dongsaeng's shopping mall "It was for the fun of the broadcast... I'm reflecting"

1. [+1,364, -159] Does she call this an excuse? For the fun of the show? It wasn't fun at all?? Think before you speak, you think an apology is all that it takes? How funny of her..;;

2. [+1,179, -110] What part of that was supposed to be funny?

3. [+1,101, -102] Well you already got your promotion in so

4. [+63, -11] Fun? Since when was promoting a shopping mall fun?... Celebrities have it so easy. Just cause a problem and then apologize for it.

5. [+61, -10] What was supposed to be funny about that... what a dumb clarification...

6. [+60, -7] Tired of kids like her, she's too greedy

7. [+57, -3] Hyeri is popular enough on her to use her Instagram to promote her sister's store. What she did was really immature. Did she not think that it would be problematic? TV is not a joke~

8. [+51, -8] Her sister runs it but Hyeri invested in it... How can she promote that and then call it fun? She should leave the show if she's really sorry.

9. [+44, -3] Jealous at how easy her life is ㅋ All it takes is one apology ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+37, -4] For the fun of the show??? That's not an apology, she's just justifying it to herself

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