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[01.13.2010] ZE:A gains prominence with contracts

New Korean boyband ZE:A (Children of Empire) has signed contracts with world-renowned recording companies before their debut, gaining much attention

ZE:A, which recently debuted with "Mazeltov" on the 7th of January, recently signed a contract with renowned music companies Warner Music Chinese Mandarin Group and Sony Music, making its advance towards the world music market even before its official debut.

ZE:A's promotional activities under Warner Music will start in Taiwan, followed by Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines etc. Sony Music will distribute ZE:A's albums in Thailand and Singapore, and also hold its own promotional activities. As of now, details are still unconfirmed

That a brand new group has signed contracts with industry powerhouses Warner and Sony and even started its advance into the Asia market is unusual in the Korean music industry. This shows that the Asia market is highly anticipating ZE:A's debut.

"Through the media, we have been following ZE:A's growth as a group. They have the ability to gain a stable foothold in both the Korean and Chinese music industry with their singing and dance ability as well as appearance. Now, many overseas fans also expect much from ZE:A, and after entering the Asian market, this group has the potential to become a top idol group in Asia," representatives from Warner and Sony both expressed in separate interviews.

The recently debuted ZE:A will have their showcase on 13th January, their first step towards conquering Asia.

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Translated by: zephyr@EmpireChildrenForums
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