9:26 pm - 07/09/2019

[GOT2DAY 2019] 03. Youngjae & Yugyeom

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Source: GOT7

01. Jackson & Youngjae
| 02. Jinyoung & BamBam | 03. Youngjae & Yugyeom

When Youngjae said it all starts going downhill (like stamina etc) after 23, I felt that.
ohcrepe 10th-Jul-2019 06:40 am (UTC)
I love when they talked about their puppy love. They always share their childhood stories in their got2day ;_; More content like this please ♥
snowphone 13th-Jul-2019 06:47 pm (UTC)
i can't at them talking about feeling old when they're so young asdhfkasjdfkadshkjfh

also yugy's hair looks so cute. i freaking love all of his clothes, he and i have like the exact same style lmao. like if he was a woman im sure he'd dress exactly like me.

i need to watch parasite too!
daynr 13th-Jul-2019 09:48 pm (UTC)
They're so cute and relatable and kind of chill, though Youngjae is loud. Their love stories were so cute! I love when we get this hints at life before!
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