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f(x)’s African photoshoot for 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa Project revealed!

Rookie girlgroup f(x) shows off a new type of charms with their new photoshoot shot in Africa.

The photos to f(x)’s photos taken in Africa last year for 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa Project were revealed on 13th January.

f(x) is one of the many celebrities who joined the 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa project like Kim JoongMan himself, singer Kim JongJin and magician Lee EunKyul.

It was known that the f(x) girls had played soccer with the children and also sang their hit songs for the children when they were in Africa.

Kim JoongMan said, “f(x) has displayed a different image from their usual idol and pure image. They have shown the image of infinite possibilities through their photoshoot in Africa.”

More of 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa Project photos and videos will be revealed from 11am on Naver on 19th January.

Source: sookyeong

This would look so pretty! I cannot wait.
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