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[10.01.13] F.CUZ, "We dream of being the focus of the music industry as individualized dolls."

Currently gaining high exposure as an idol group, combined with the recent release of their debut single 'Jiggy' and having a member whose father is Sul Woon Do, the 4-unit male group 'F.CUZ' has made their leap into the music industry. The members are JinOn (21), LeeU (20), Kan (19) and YeJun (18). In contrast to the recent trend of having densely-populated idol groups consisting of 7-13 members, F.CUZ made their debut with a small formation.

What first attracted the attention of the teenage fans to F.CUZ is the fact that Sul Woon Do's son, LeeU, was selected to be a member. The other thing is leader JinOn's familiar face, as he had previously been training to debut in the group ChoShinSung (Supernova).

Adding 'cause' to 'four', the word F.CUZ - which is pronounced as focus - is filled with their dreams of becoming the focus of the music industry.

F.CUZ released their digital single 'Jiggy' on the 8th, a song which is composed by Han Sang Won. F.CUZ was formed in the beginning of 2008 and they received training for two years. JinOn, who graduated from the AhnYang School of Arts, made a 'love call' to his juniors - namely YeJun and Kan - who were in the same High School dance team as him. LeeU was selected after he went for an audition through his father's recommendation.

LeeU fell head over heels in love with music when he was studying in America from his 2nd year of Middle School to 2nd year of High School. "My father was involved in the production process when I was preparing to debut as a solo singer. I was very lazy back then and I didn't even practise. I only thought it was going to be easy to rise to the position of my father, and I was complacent. Now I know what reality is like. I grabbed the opportunity through my father's recommendation, and if it didn't work out, I was going to enter the military service. But now I am a changed person," said LeeU.

"My original dream was to become a singer, but I was told by my family to go into acting. Within a day after I received the call from JinOn-hyung, I persuaded my mother and went to the audition," Kan told us the secret story behind his casting.

Their debut song 'Jiggy' was introduced to be song that contains sad lyrics combined with the dance beat of electronic sound. The title was derived from the phrase 'Get jiggy', which means to dance like there's no tomorrow. The members will "dance and forget all their pain and worries."

As they started out late, F.CUZ has to differentiate themselves from popular groups who are already at their peak - such as Big Bang, 2PM, Super Junior, BEAST and MBLAQ - in order to catch the eyes of the fans.

"Nowadays, there are many idol groups with nicknames such as beastly doll, chic doll and emotive doll etc. We want to be called 'individualized doll' with the members each having a strong individual character, and also 'model doll' with our average height of 181cm. Another thing is, we have never even fought once up till now, and so we want to show our united teamwork. We will work hard so that the public will be able to see our strengths." (JinOn)

Kan, who receives prompt haircare thanks to his mother who runs a beauty salon, has been called the "Terminator" due to his good physical stamina and strength. YeJun, whose older sister Shim Ja-In is a professional golfer, has been called "18th Dimension" due to his fashion sense and eccentricities.

"We know in reality that the average lifespan of an idol group is not even 5 years, but we will give up our personal greed and selfishness if that will allow us to survive for a longer period. In order to lead the trends in music and fashion, the creativity of the group is definitely an essential quality," said LeeU and YeJun.

The members also told us stories about their dormitory life which emphasized on their unity. They live in a semi-basement dormitory of a villa near JeolDuSan Martyrs' Shrine in Seoul, Mapo-gu, Hapjeong-dong. A female ghost has appeared at where they live.

"The house is gloomy. On the first day of our dorm life, when we were requesting to get some sleep, we saw a female ghost by the double-story bed. After that, each one of us started having nightmares. Our dormitory doesn't have a telephone or doorbell, but a bell would ring. In addition, there may be no one in the living room yet we would hear footsteps. It's a little scary but we think of it as a foreboding of our success," said the members.

Source: sOpHiA* @ FCuzed forum

lol, i think by "dolls," they mean idols.
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