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Thriller casts Yoo Ji-tae as a psycho killer

Yoo Ji-tae takes on a psychopathic villain for his next role, starring as the kidnapper-killer in the upcoming thriller film Late Night FM, which has cast Su Ae as the female lead. In it, she plays a perfectionist DJ of a nighttime live radio program who receives a call from the kidnapper of her relatives.

Yoo Ji-tae is the villian who has taken her family hostage, and orders her to continue with the program according to his demands; if she doesn’t, he threatens to kill them all. The film will begin shooting at the end of January.

The plot doesn’t sound all that novel — it sounds pretty garden-variety crime thriller to me — but I do like both Yoo Ji-tae and Su Ae, who are very solid actors. He’s has a lot of good-guy roles under his belt in recent years (A Star’s Lover, Hello Schoolgirl, Ditto, Hwang Jini), but then again, there’s Oldboy. I’d love to see his innocent face portraying a psycho.

Source: OSEN
Via: dramabeans

Yoo Ji-tae was in Oldboy. Javabeans is right, the premise for the movie sounds a little trite.
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