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A Stalker Shows Up At Kim Sook's house + agency files police report

Kim Sook’s agency has taken action against a stalker who recently turned up at the comedienne’s home.

On July 11, IOK Company confirmed that the agency had reported the stalker to the police, stating, “We recently filed a police report and pressed charges against a female netizen who has been stalking Kim Sook.”

According to the agency, the stalker in question has been harassing Kim Sook for approximately 10 months. The stalker continuously made malicious online posts claiming that Kim Sook was surveilling her, and she recently took things a step further by showing up at the star’s personal residence.

IOK Company stated that after much deliberation, they had ultimately decided to take action in order to protect Kim Sook.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
Tags: comedian / mc, cray cray sasaengs, crime, netizens
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