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Hwasa joins Sulli's braless-fraction

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa recently shocked many people by showing up at the airport without wearing a bra.

Hwasa wore a mask and a plain white T-shirt without a bra.

Netizens had various reactions to her fashion but many female netizens also supported her decision and expressed their hopes that the going “braless” would become a trend so women can feel more comfortable wearing clothes.

Some guessed that Hwasa may have been making a statement with her braless look after some netizens criticized her for wearing only a bra to the airport a few days earlier.

But July 9th, the day Hwasa arrived at the airport braless, also happens to be No Bra Day, an annual observance when women are encouraged to wear no bra to encourage breast cancer awareness. No Bra Day, which was initially observed on July 9, 2011, has since been moved to October 13.
Whatever the reason, many fans continue to show their support for Hwasa, claiming that all women should be allowed to wear whatever they want!

[Netizen comments]
Article: Hwasa unveils her 'no-bra' airport fashion

Source: Money Today

Hwasa was spotted at Incheon International Airport on the 7th after returning from a concert schedule in Hong Kong.The group member was wearing a white crop top with no bra and white loose pants. As a result the keyword "Hwasa no-bra fashion" began trending in online communities.

When she left for Hong Kong on May 5th the singer was wearing a beige bra top with matching slim high waist pants and beige shoes.

[+15,579, -1,174] Leave her alone...she can choose whatever she wants to wear or not wear..why are you guys so upset about it?
[+8,983, -474] Don't worry about other people's bras..
[+8,257, -366] Is this going to be an issue now...why are we talking as if going without a bra is a crime?
[+5,686, -188] No it's just the loser reporters who keep making this news~
[+2,832, -205] Why do you care what she wears or doesn't...
[+1,308, -736] I'm a woman too and honestly it doesn't look good...especially wearing white clothes?..I get its her personal choice but its too much~
[+1,204, -124] There are some men with as much chest as a woman but you don't kick up a fuss when they don't wear a bra...why is it ok for men but not women? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just worry about yourself..
[+1,091, -54] I don't have the courage to wear something like that outside but I don't think she deserves the hate...honestly she looks so comfortable without it...
[+955, -370] At least put on a nipple patch or something under the top...we don't want to see your nipples..
[+941, -40] I saw 3 people without it on my way to work...what's the big deal??

source: dispatch via koreaboo, dailynaver, naver

Edit: Added in netizen comments
benihime99 11th-Jul-2019 03:42 pm (UTC)
Couvrez ce sein que je ne saurais voir
benihime99 11th-Jul-2019 03:43 pm (UTC)
Going braless must feel great but to me it sounds painful as hell
jasmineakaiumi 11th-Jul-2019 04:11 pm (UTC)
yeah, like I like doing it around the house and when I'm just driving around running errands that require minimal movement, but otherwise any staircase, any time i have to jog to do something...NOT A CUTE FEELING
benihime99 11th-Jul-2019 05:11 pm (UTC)
Sports bra are my friends
They're a nice compromise
epona 12th-Jul-2019 02:18 am (UTC)
i'm a 34c and i love going braless but if i were any bigger i can see how it would be a problem lol
volume1995 11th-Jul-2019 04:11 pm (UTC)
thats great; i dont follow mamamoo anymore but this is cool. i just hope this doesnt become perv heaven for all these sasaengs
lil_poisonfrog 11th-Jul-2019 04:30 pm (UTC)
The fact anyone got offended by the first top is just...it's a regular sports bra
daynr 11th-Jul-2019 04:42 pm (UTC)
that does not look comfortable to me, but living in a bralet is pretty nice.

whatever makes her happy, I'm glad women are supporting her choice.
seulgibear 11th-Jul-2019 04:50 pm (UTC)
man if i had smaller boobs like her i'd be braless all the time. i'm only a b cup but still feel too self-conch to go anywhere but the supermarket without a bra on
thebloomroom 12th-Jul-2019 01:09 am (UTC)
same, I'm only a B but my nipples are always fucking hard lmao. I wish I didn't care! I can do it at the gym but not just walking around.
epona 12th-Jul-2019 02:18 am (UTC)
just get some nipple covers!
bookwurm92 12th-Jul-2019 01:09 pm (UTC)

Honestly I dont even go with nipple covers. Like surprise surprise, I'm a human being and therefore have nipples. Big freaking woop.

rainstormraider 11th-Jul-2019 04:55 pm (UTC)
This makes me so jealous because I don’t have the boob size to carry that well.
kori_ya 11th-Jul-2019 05:02 pm (UTC)
I don't like when my nipples are showing through my shirt, Hwasa really doesn't give a fuck. XD
camouflagecat 11th-Jul-2019 05:58 pm (UTC)
I've been going braless many times nowadays in the heat for shopping or to work. As long as the shirt I'm wearing doesn't show my nipples I'm good lol. But it helps that I (still) have a nice shape to my boobs so it's not that noticeable really.

Edited at 2019-07-11 06:00 pm (UTC)
horichansenpai 11th-Jul-2019 06:17 pm (UTC)

Despite being flat af, outside of home I'm too anxious about my nips to fully embrace bra-less life ngl. I'll do it when doing something quick/mundane or when I'm in a rush in the morning, praise the lord for my fat hoodies

topazera 11th-Jul-2019 08:04 pm (UTC)
Damn, Hwasa is jumping into the deep end by doing this in a tight, white t-shirt! I almost never wear a bra but wearing a tight t-shirt is one of the few outfit choices where I probably would feel too self-conscious.

I love that this seems to be a bit of a movement in Korea, I love anything that allows women to feel like they can walk out the door more comfortable. Of course, for a lot of women it is more comfortable to wear a bra but it's really a shame women feel guilted into always wearing one. Glad to see this getting support online too!
xoxkenzxox 11th-Jul-2019 08:49 pm (UTC)
I'm jealous to be honest. To me it sounds painful not to wear a bra, especially in a crowded place where the likelihood of bumping into stuff sounds miserable.
nana_the_dwarf 11th-Jul-2019 09:36 pm (UTC)
Yes well, I have to suffer seeing men's nipples constantly, so they either start wearing bras, or we free all the tiddies.
soyunatetera 11th-Jul-2019 10:03 pm (UTC)
Yes! good for you Hwasa!!
I'm surpised by the "seems painful" comments, unless yuo have really big breast idk how it could be painful or uncomfortable.
I would like to be braless all the time, but I'll be too self conscious about people be looking at my nipple or the natural movements of the breast when you walk... I hope I'll get over it one day
benihime99 12th-Jul-2019 04:57 am (UTC)
Walking fast, stairs, anything that involve some bouncing ends up being super painful by the end of the day
Not to mention dammage to the skin, ur back
It really is uncomfortable
sra_interesante 12th-Jul-2019 05:30 pm (UTC)
maybe because im just a c cup i dont consider my boobs big just regularish
but never needed bra to prevent back pain or other pains ... they make it sound like having boobs is painful ;(
that's sad i go braless everytime i can
cairistiona 11th-Jul-2019 11:33 pm (UTC)
i have kinda average-sized boobs (d-cup but like...they don't really look that big lol) and i looooove going braless. they're pretty perky too, they don't droop, so it doesn't look bad unless i hunch over

it's the joy of my life

i went braless today, it's great. i wore a baggy black t-shirt. i wore a couple of summer dresses earlier in the week without bras too. a+ no straining, no pain, nothing. sometimes i get back pain so i remove my bra for a couple of days and it's great. i feel sorry for people who get back pain when they don't wear a bra, especially with smaller boobs

i did put on a white t-shirt for about 5 minutes before replacing it with a baggy black one, i'm too self-conscious to do that. you could legit see everything. that's a bralette shirt for sure. but baggy black t-shirts? no bra!!!!

anyway i'm here for idols doing this, it's awesome. but i'd just never do it with a white t-shirt...

Edited at 2019-07-11 11:34 pm (UTC)
mntsuklaa 12th-Jul-2019 09:16 am (UTC)
If my damn nipples didn't poke through every damn shirt I own, I'd go braless all the time.
snowphone 13th-Jul-2019 11:09 am (UTC)
good for her! i basically never wear a bra when i'm not at work, i can be a little self-conscious about it but the more women i see doing it the more secure i feel!
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