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Big Bang Anan 2010 Magazine Interview/Scans

You are getting a lot of media exposure here. What do you think is the difference between Japanese and Korean media?
TOP: In Korea, we seldom do magazine interviews. The focus there is more on pictures. But here in Japan, it seems like the interview is more of the focus.
G-DRAGON: Here in Japan, there's like a lot of different kinds of magazine. Each has its own personality.
SOL: In Korea, there are 3 major stations and when we perform there, we only sing and dance and the focus is more on the performance. But here in Japan, there's also an interview/talk portion.

Here in Japan, MCs are usually comedians/gag men.
SOL: Yes. That's why they ask a lot of comments and I get embarrassed.

People here want to know more about the artist so MCs ask a lot of questions. Are you now used to speaking in Japanese?
V.I.: It's difficult but eventually, we'll get used to it and enjoy.

How about the fans? What are the differences?
G-DRAGON: Here in Japan, the age of our fans vary. In Korea, our fans are mostly from 10-20 years old.
D-LITE: I have observed that Japanese really like music.
SOL: They're very detailed and observant.
D-LITE: There are now more people who sing along and dance with us. It's good.

Your fans are mostly women.
V.I. : There are also men. But mostly, women here in Japan.

Your music attracts a lot of people, even men. But Japanese men are shy so they don't really go watch and cheer.
TOP: That's good.

How do you feel about Japanese women's style? Like fashion and make-up.
G-DRAGON: Japanese women are beautiful/stylish even if they're old already. In Korea, once they get married/become a mother, they stopped caring for fashion.

You noticed that?
G-Dragon: I like Japan!

That's good.
TOP: Also in South Korea, women are more into natural make-up. But here, it's like there are a lot of types of make-up?
SOL: They are also interested in a lot of styles/fashion. I think Japanese women look like dolls.

Dolls? Like a Barbie doll?
SOL: Yes. That's right. Now, I'm embarassed (Laughs)

Now, what are you looking for in a woman? What attracts you?
TOP: Body lines.

What? What do you mean?
TOP: I'm not weird. (Laughs). In South Korea, women are usually praised because of their 'S-Line'.
G-DRAGON: I like women who respect their family and friends.

So the face is not that important?
G-DRAGON: I don't know. Usually, when women are together, they act ok but when they're in front of men, that act different.
D-LITE: I want a girl who has a beautiful smile and works hard.
SOL: I don't really focus on the physical appearance. I want someone who's nice and who likes me for who I am and someone who likes animals because I have a dog. Not like V.I. because my dog usually barks at him.
V.I. : That's not true. I'm really close to Sol's dog. (Laughs.) I want someone who has a pretty voice. Because when I'm busy, we can only talk on the phone. Can I ask you a question?

Sure. What's your question.
V.I. : Anan (the magazine) is for adult women? What usually do they like? Young or old men?

In Japan, younger men are usually popular among older women.
V.I.: Really? I'm young!

You're still young to get married. Among the members, who do you think is going to marry first?
SOL: D-Lite is sure.
TOP: He wants to get married this year.

Can I announce that?
D-LITE: Yes, I'm getting married this year. My birthday is in April and I want to get married at the age of 26.

I'm sure a lot of people will be sad.
D-LITE: The day before I turn 27, if I don't have someone by then, I'll just pick anyone who passes by and I'll marry her. (Laughs)

Are you okay with marrying Japanese women?
D-LITE: Of course! Japanese women are nice.

No. Japanese women are scary when they're angry.
D-LITE: Really? I have not seen anything like that yet. Both men and women seem nice.
G-DRAGON: I want to get married soon too.

That's surprising!
G-DRAGON: I often say this. I really want to find someone to love and then get married and raise a family.

That will be a shock to fans.
TOP: I think I will marry late. Probably when I'm 40. I still want to have the freedom to do what I want to do. But when I meet the right person, I'll probably change my mind and want to marry her.
D-LITE: Ah, right.
SOL: I think I will also marry late. I'm not the type who smokes, drinks or goes out at night but I think it's not yet the right time.

Who will be the last member?
V.I.: I'm not thinking about marriage yet.

Korean men are known to be very romantic. How do you think will you do your marriage proposal?
V.I.: I'll take my girl to go skydiving and I will propose at the top. If she rejects me, I will go down on a parachute.
SOL: That's like threatening her. (Laughs) Me, I'll probably propose through a song by playing the piano.

That's nice.
SOL: I only thought about this right now. I'm already imagining how difficult it will be.

You're not yet that fluent in Japanese. Are you still studying?
G-DRAGON: In Korea, when foreign artists come, they speak a little Korean and it makes us happy. So I really want to be good at Japanese so I could sing more Japanese songs and talk more.

How about your Japanese?
*V.I and D.Lite says something in Japanese. I think they were mimicking someone* (Laughs)
V.I.: I've been studying by watching Japanese dramas.

In your song, 'Let Me Hear Your Voice', which was used in a drama, you're like a single man asking women for sympathy.
V.I.: Single?

Yes, like the main character in the drama.
SOL: Like going to movies alone?
V.I.: Exercising at home alone?

And a little yoga... ~I think the interviewer is talking about the character in the drama
D-LITE: What? By yourself?

V.I.: Yes. Why?

In South Korea, aren't there less single women because they marry young?
SOL: Well, there are now more bachelors in South Korea and women are now working so marriage is also delayed.

So, what will we be looking forward during your stay here? A lot of Japanese women are excited for your activities this year.
G-DRAGON: We're finally going to have our tour.
SOL: D-Lite was in an accident last year so now that he has recovered, we will have our concert so please look forward to that.
D-LIRE: I'm doing okay now. I was able to rest fully in the hospital and I wasn't able to perform in the musical with V.I.
TOP: The stage felt empty when he was out. But now that he's back, it's more lively.
G-Dragon: Definitely.

Any solo activities this year?
SOL: I'm releasing my solo album. I've been working on it for a long time.
TOP: D-Lite and I are also releasing solo albums.
G-DRAGON: Big Bang will also come out with a new album.
V.I.: I'm going to a university this spring.

*V.I. telling he wants to do musicals like Amon Miyamoto. SOL saying V.I. is getting ahead of himself*

What are your goals this year?
G-Dragon: To master Japanese!!
SOL: Similar to 2009, I would want to have experiences that I can learn from and explore. In 2009, I worried a lot. In 2010, I just want to laugh at things.
TOP: Conquer the universe!
D-Lite: Show you good music and better side of me.
V.I.: I want to show that I'm versatile and will work hard as a student and do my best.

Korean translations by : 그놈 @ bbvipz
English translations by : http://bigbangupdates.blogspot.com
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