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Enlistment date set for Joo Ji-hoon

Joo Ji-hoon has received his army enlistment date: February 2, which was announced by his management on the 14th.

The actor had been intending to enlist early at the end of last year following his drug bust and ensuing indictment. Joo has kept a very low profile since the scandal broke and, aside from performing community service that was a part of his court-ordered punishment, he hasn’t been seen at all. He is currently preparing to enter into military service, where he will serve full-time for two years in the reserve forces.

This actually works well for him (considering the circumstances) since he was given a year’s probation with a six-month suspended sentence; since he’ll be in the army during his probationary period, it’s as good as wiping that six-month suspended sentence off his record now. Plus, he had been banned from appearing on television stations KBS and MBC, and with the scandal blackening his reputation, it wasn’t like he would be able to work. Since he was born in 1982, he would have had to enlist by this year anyway. Perhaps by the time he’s out, he’ll have a chance to rehabilitate his image. (Army duty has a way of whitewashing images, I’ve noticed…)

Original article: DongA
Translation by: Dramabeans
Tags: joo ji hoon
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