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Lee Min Ki Says It’s Becoming Harder To Form Deep Relationships, Wants To Love More In 2019


-These pics are artsy fartsy and the same expression for every shot doesn't help.

-“I take a lot into consideration after completing a drama and choosing another work, but I think that it needs to be better than the previous work. I’m not saying that it needs to be something amazing or great, but something that’s better for me.”

-“Since it’s getting increasingly difficult to meet people and get closer on a deeper level, I’m learning more things through my characters because the character and I worry together. If I participate in a project where I meet someone who’s a better person than me, I think, ‘I wouldn’t have been able to say something like this if it were me,’ and become a little bit more mature.”

-“In the new year, I hope to love a little bit more no matter who or what it is. You become a bit warmer. I want to feel that. I also want to work without taking any time off if possible.”









Cast alongside Lee Yoo Young for Everybody Lies airing Spring 2020 on OCN.

"The drama is about a woman whose husband disappears after the sudden death of her father. She joins the National Assembly and teams up with a detective in her search for the truth. The two characters work together to break through the silence and lies that people spill to protect their own interests."

"Lee Min Ki plays the detective Jo Tae Sik, a man who appears cold on the outside, but is in reality affectionate and bold. He has a natural blend of talent, will, and luck, and catching criminals was once upon a time his job, hobby, and specialty." A affectionate and bold person, shocked!

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P.S- For those of y'all who watched Beauty Inside (2019), how did you feel about it overall?
daynr 12th-Jul-2019 03:25 am (UTC)
How do I feel about beauty inside ....
Despite watching every episode I never recognize it or him, and it takes googling to remember it. It should have been 6 episodes.

Then I remember the whole part where he went away to get fixed and she knit was lame and boring and I'm totally irritated by it.

Also, it's the only thing of his I've seen and I still never recognize his face. He should choose better projects.
existingisfunny 12th-Jul-2019 03:47 am (UTC)
i can't attest for beauty inside but i've seen dal ja's spring, i really really like you, and because this is my first life and they're all excellent dramas. i don't think his problem is picking projects but not being as consistently booked as other actors but i feel like it's by his own choice?

(oh and watched him in shut up flower boy band and then dropped it after he left...)

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apathycollusion 12th-Jul-2019 03:55 am (UTC)
I want to see Dal Ja's Spring! but the quality of the show (as in the screen quality) dunno. Is it something you'll recommend?

I feel like his previous work was more bombastic, I seen some of his film work and he does a lot of bed scenes LOL.

Hmm, I feel like he did more film before entering dramas again a few years ago plus the fact that he's not the typical Kdrama lead so its hard to place him imo. His next role and he's playing someone affectionate/friendly should be interesting. His cameo in Secretary Kim was great, he was cheerful and a bit dorky and it made me realize that he should play a similar role like that instead of the stoic/emotionless characters he's been playing lately.

Ah yes, I can't believe thats the same person?!

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neongoldtooth 12th-Jul-2019 05:09 am (UTC)
It was a few years old when I finally watched dal ja’s spring and thats when there was still big subbing groups and you got the translations from them and then the videos from another source like kpopella, man I’m getting old.
Anyways it was a really good show although yeah, the fashion is very much of its time.
The quality will still probably be good as they had HD downloads come out too. At the best probs 750p
existingisfunny 12th-Jul-2019 05:54 am (UTC)
yes, dal ja's spring was a 10/10 for me. i watched it so long ago but i remember i loved how well defined she was. an actual grown woman that had a job, sexual desires, good friendships, etc. and the romantic relationship was one of the more healthier communicative ones
daynr 12th-Jul-2019 06:01 am (UTC)
Oooh, shut up flower boy band. I remember him in that, I just don't always recognize him without eyeliner.

I don't have a comment on his acting ability, just that that drama was so bland.
daynr 15th-Jul-2019 11:20 pm (UTC)
You should watch an all of shut up! The boys are so great with their friendship! Plus L is super super wooden, he has to emote at some point and the other actors are like.....
apathycollusion 12th-Jul-2019 03:52 am (UTC)
Honestly, there are several moments of the show that I liked. The shaving episode with the guy was cute.

But there was something missing, I mean it didn't engross me (I'm on episode 8).

I also feel like the filter of the show was too dreamy like, show their natural skin tones!!

Because this is your first life is a great show, although his character at first is stoic. Its weird b/c his earlier work was maniac/funny and he's versatile but yeah his recent work feels derivative which is a shame b/c he has this weird off-kilter charisma to him.

Also dude can kiss lol, in K-dramas where great kissing is a dime a dozen haha.
ebenetwo 12th-Jul-2019 04:54 am (UTC)
He also goes for it in bed scenes too like damn
tungatunga 12th-Jul-2019 07:22 am (UTC)
I can't look at him the same after finding that he too, has been accused of SA in the past :/ Of course nothing came out of it, and his agency claimed that the victim filed the charges "by mistake", smh.
hebk 14th-Jul-2019 10:37 pm (UTC)
yeah his team did a good job about keeping it on dl. I'm no longer a fan. especially bc of all sexual assault cases that have come out and been true
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