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Omona, have you ever been hypnotized?
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sciencebottle 12th-Jul-2019 07:22 am (UTC)
[Putting this under a cut to avoid triggering those who are still hurting]

I'm really missing Jonghyun today. A lot. My heart aches for his pain. I remember during my grieving that I'd make change in my life and push forward to my dreams. I've made so much progress towards my goals, but...sometimes things just get so overwhelming.

I got a moon tattoo in memory of him and I look to it for strength sometimes. Tonight is just a little harder than most.

apori 12th-Jul-2019 07:27 am (UTC)
Sending you long distance hugs.
apori 12th-Jul-2019 07:32 am (UTC)
Want to wish every one a wonderful Friyay and weekend! My weekend will be spent doing admin work lol but I'm still happy.

I've never been hypnotized, but I'm absolutely terrified of the idea of someone "controlling me" so I could probably never :/
aures 12th-Jul-2019 11:11 am (UTC)
have a lovely weekend <3
don't overwork yourself too much this weekend and take some time off <3
babyjenkski 12th-Jul-2019 07:48 am (UTC)
Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is doing well =)

Just sharing...last weekend, I was rushed to the hospital because I had a bad attack of hyperventilation to the point that I couldn't breathe anymore and my whole body has gone numb I can't move at all. I was treated in the ER and given valium so I would calm down. What I hated about it, had to pay the ER fee of almost $150 when I have a healthcard. Apparently, its a preexisting condition that's not covered by my healthcard.

It's the third time that I was brought to the ER due to hyperventilation. I usually am able to manage it and no need for anything. The last attack I had was 10 years ago. As per the doctor, I need to see a psychiatrist for me to know how to manage my emotions coz episodes of hyperventilation is normally caused by shock, extreme anger, or pain. Funny thing is, I just woke up and taken a bath and was about to leave the house to go to a party when I had my attack. So whats the real trigger?

Anyways...Please love PENTAGON! Comeback next week and I really really hope they get a win this time. People needs to discover how talented these kids are (specially Kino and Jinho).
aures 12th-Jul-2019 11:13 am (UTC)
hi honey, i'm so sorry to hear about last weekend, that's just absolutely awful and i wish you did not have to go through that - hyperventilation is awful :( i hope you will really take this time to look for a good doctor or a therapist so you can find out what the trigger is, once you know this maybe you can work on it for a bit, it will take time but that's okay, just do it at your own pace
*biggest hug* <333 just know i'm here if you need a chat or a hug or an ear or whatever okay? <3 my dm is always open for you
neongoldtooth Concert plans?12th-Jul-2019 08:17 am (UTC)
Got to see Got7 Wednesday. So much fun! Even though I was in the back it’s a pretty small place and I was in the same room as JB so nothing else matters ☺️ I was most definitely one of the oldest people there that wasn’t a parent. Lmao
But I was thinking how much fun it must be to be like, 16 and seeing your favorite kpop group. That wasn’t really a thing ten years ago. And it was so much harder to be non Korean and find other ppl interested in kpop.

Anyone have concert plans this summer (can’t believe it’s already July) kpop or something else?

I wanna go to kcon again but the convention part is kind of cringy and I just wanna see Loona and Chungha lol.
Wishing I would have gotten tickets for Monsta X. Thinking of maybe seeing Tiffany in SF but all my friends in kpop are into the newer groups and not here for non kpop music.
cosmicdaze Re: Concert plans?12th-Jul-2019 08:22 am (UTC)
i saw shinee for the first time eight years ago when i was sixteen and let me tell you, it's one of the best feelings ever! 😆 i'm glad you got to see got7! honestly, at every single kpop concert i've gone to i've seen people of all ages having the time of their lives. at the nct concert in may there was a grandma sitting in front of me jamming out the entire time and i absolutely loved it lmao.

i want to go to kcon again but i'd literally JUST be going for chungha and svt (like i did last year) and i just got hired at a new job so i don't have the money or the ability to ask for the time off just yet. i want to see gotta go and snapping live so bad. 😞 but kcon keeps getting more and more annoying each year so i'm kinda glad i'm skipping it tbh. now i'm just waiting for exo to announce NA tour dates and whether or not suho (my ult) will be participating.
cosmicdaze 12th-Jul-2019 08:27 am (UTC)
exols are such a plague on twitter. my need to maintain my sanity and still be able to enjoy kpop is quickly overriding my need to know everything as soon as it happens. (after jonghyun passed away i've had really severe anxiety about going to sleep/being the last to know things.) i deactivated last night and was intending to be off twitter for longer but i came back today for something dumb and i'm glad i deactivated when i did because i missed the shitshow that was exo-sc's album contents reveal lmao. exols are exhausting. they complain about everything, fight about everything, bully other people for the most absurd reasons (mostly solo stans and more recently ksoo solo stans lmao), and can't go a day without fighting over something. at this point i just follow my fandom friends that i've known forever that don't generally engage in the bullshit but i follow a couple big accounts that rt garbage onto my timeline and i'm super over it, i need to purge my follow list at this point. i think once suho enlists i'm rly gonna leave stan twt for good and just keep up w my faves from afar. i've been doing this kpop shit for too damn long lmfao
existingisfunny 12th-Jul-2019 11:05 am (UTC)
any stans of sm groups seem rly weird to me lately. comments about nct "using" the money rv pulled in or whatever. nctzens also complain abt fcking everything
jyusou 12th-Jul-2019 09:29 am (UTC)
I got an email today from corporate saying that if I didn’t fill my time accurately on a weekly basis more than 5 instances, my performance and bonus will start being deducted. A superior violently lashing out at me for something that wasn’t my fault was already the first strike, my other supervisor being an absolute pain to work with the second strike that slowly built up over time, and now this. And y’know what, if you’re gonna deduct points from me for not performing this fundamentally menial task, then I am fucking off out of here. Been wanting to leave for the past five months and contemplating further education for over a year anyway.
gathyou 12th-Jul-2019 07:27 pm (UTC)
That policy really sucks, how do they expect the employees to get involved and do more when they're looked down like that? I hope you're able to find a better option soon, this dosn't sound like a good environement. Hugs <3
mntsuklaa 12th-Jul-2019 09:32 am (UTC)
Never been hypnotized. I'm not sure I can be, because as far as I know you need an open mind or something. I don't take orders well and I don't consider myself to be easily suggestible either.

I've worked at a temp agency for a year now. I really like it, not being stuck in a single place is refreshing and being able to pick my own shifts is amazing because I can make plans outside of work without having to ask permission first.
The only downside is that every once in a while it gets really quiet and there are no shifts anywhere. I've been living from paycheck to paycheck the past year (my old job allowed me to save up some money each month and I still try to hold on to those savings for a rainy day) and while it's doable I'd still love to buy whatever I want whenever I want.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!
yejun 12th-Jul-2019 09:39 am (UTC)
Sent an email to my boss yesterday saying I want to quit. My health has plummeted since taking this job so... Not the fault of my boss or co-workers, just that the job doesn't match well with my personality. I'm too anxious about the answer I'll get so I can't check my mail now though. Yup.
On a slightly better note I got a mail back from a possible new job, which I really want. The pay is absolute shit but I'd get to move to where my BF is so we could close the gap after 4+ years of long distance dating. Not even close to getting the job yet but at least I got an answer after almost a month of waiting.

Can't wait for Hotel Del Luna to start. IU's been looking drop-dead gorgeous in the teasers and I'm looking forward to watching Jin Goo again after the greatness that was The Crowned Clown.
daynr 12th-Jul-2019 03:52 pm (UTC)
good luck with all the job stuff, I hope the new one comes through.
camouflagecat 12th-Jul-2019 09:41 am (UTC)
Ok so my last FFA comment was a little all over the place re: the discussion about antidepressants, but I've talked it thru with my mom (who seems to be the only one who fucking knows how to go about this) and I'll just aim to go to the psychiatrist evaluations by the end of summer. I still think it was a but ?? for the doctor to 1) immediately describe me antidepressants when meds are usually treated as the last options and he's not even specialized in this field 2) even suggest that I ask my boss to cover the psychiatrist sessions when everyone with a brain knows that no one wants their work to know about their private medical stuff or should they even have the right to. I also got confused and frankly irritated by how I was kept directed back and forth between the doctor and the psychologist, and then when I took contact with our nurse by email she starts off by asking if I should have a session with my doctor bc in his files it says he has a referral to the public side?? When he specifically gave me the meds bc he COULDN'T send me to the pubic side before I'd tried medication first. The fact that internal communication doesn't seem to work very well in this place but everyone was being so confusing if I hadn't have my mom to explain it to me (really, it shouldn't be her but these professionals) I would be completely lost on how go about this thing. At least the nurse had the decency to be apologetic when I snapped at her for feeling I'm being bounced around from person to person. Also I feel like I really don't like our work-appointed doctor (idk what the right terminology is) bc he doesn't seem to know how to be empathetic to my struggle or know how to approach patients, the more I need to see him for this shit the more uncomfortable I feel having to deal with him.
aures 12th-Jul-2019 07:20 pm (UTC)
*biggest hug* <33333 you are such a strong person
adenar 12th-Jul-2019 10:39 am (UTC)
I watched produce 101 china and honestly...it's the superior version for me

Meiqi has to be the most deserving number 1 in the show, a true all rounder. I genuinely enjoyed the twists (the pending trainees, how songs were allocated, how a rank worked to begin with). I enjoyed how the live performances went and the idea of the popularity queens, because while sometimes it was fully predictable, it also recognised when a less popular trainee by votes had really shined in the performances. The tutors seemed have a genuine relationship both amongst themselves and the trainees and were shown actually mentoring the trainees. My only complaint was Chaoyue making it, her skills were abysmal (watching her in rocket girls' first performance was hilariously awful) and honestly if I'd been her manager and i'd seen how emotionally vulnerable she was on the show I would have pulled her out.

Also I could watch the tan te performance for days.
aures 12th-Jul-2019 11:06 am (UTC)
hi beautiful friends ♥
how are you? did you have a good week?

well, i want to share some good news. here in the netherlands they have preventive/preventative (???) colon cancer check-ups (idk after the age of 55 or so), but my dad's came back negative (as in: not good) so he had to go for a colonoscopy this morning and i had major anxiety but THANK GOD: it was all good! they found nothing ;~; i'm super super grateful. my dad means the world to me (my family in general), so i'm so extremely grateful that we were able to receive such good news, i'm really thankful

this weekend me and my mom are going on a mini weekend trip, my village has this massive village celebration and it's always a lot of noise and events it's always crazy out of control, and because i can not handle this (because of my illness), we are going away for the weekend, which is really lovely (especially after the good news we got this morning). i'm extremely tired from all the sh/t we got the past few weeks, so it'll be nice to be somewhere calm and quiet so i can hopefully recharge just a little bit and just spend some time with my mom alone - looking forward to seeing some more trees and plants lol

otherwise, i hope you will all have a lovely weekend ♥

Edited at 2019-07-12 11:07 am (UTC)
mallmouse 12th-Jul-2019 11:53 am (UTC)
Negative means not good? Good to hear your dad's ok :)
I had such a great time in the NL when I went to see Muse btw. The weather was PERFECT!

Edited at 2019-07-12 11:53 am (UTC)
broadway_bound3 12th-Jul-2019 11:10 am (UTC)
Today is the last day of my vacation in Charleston. The downtown is so nice. I love looking at all of the architecture and being so close to the water. I had an interview for a paid position and a volunteer position at one of the museums, and I think it went well. So I guess the next step is to put in my two weeks notice and start packing to move down here officially.

Even though I moved to Korea, which is on the other side of the world, I feel like this is an even bigger change for me. I have this dread of feeling home-sick. I know it's going to happen and I feel a little silly about it. Like, I moved to Korea! Going 6 1/2 hours from home should be a piece of cake! Ugh. I don't know.
aures 12th-Jul-2019 12:00 pm (UTC)
hey don't feel silly about it, don't criticize your own feelings, they are there because you feel that way and that should not be met with negativity, but rather with warmth and kindness - maybe if you welcome those feelings and tell yourself "this is how i feel and that's okay" that you feel a little bit warmer, give yourself some love and be kind to yourself, don't make yourself feel bad about feelings you can not help from coming ♥ *big hug*
mallmouse 12th-Jul-2019 11:54 am (UTC)
I've been a chronic insomniac ever since I can remember, so good luck to anyone trying to hypnotize me.

Anyone watching One Spring Night? You satisfied with how it ended?
daynr Got712th-Jul-2019 02:22 pm (UTC)
So I went to see Got7 in Oakland Wednesday and [Spoiler (click to open)]I was not all that impressed. I had heard they gave great concert but to me they seemed a bit mellow and their ments seemed perfunctory. It was like I was watching people go through the motions, not people who were excited or even loved what they do. They did their dances and chatted a little, but barely cracked a smile the first half.

Bambam was the charming spark of joy, as usual, that seemed to finally get some energy going. Jackson barely spoke, which I think is a d-ck move when you're in an English speaking country and 4 of your members aren't that comfortable with it. He is fluent & has the personality, but I assume he doesn't want to "force it" when he's not in the mood. Except, boy, you have a crowd of 15,000 people who showed up to be entertained. I think I'm done with him until he takes himself less seriously.

The crowd was amazing, it was fun to see how happy and positive they were. They interacted with all the songs, but the old hits, (Just Right!), got a much larger reaction. And Teenager. They boys perform for like 2 hours, and then spend an hour doing "encores" where they just flirt with the pit. Can't blame them, but ... I could have handled a longer dance break from Yugyeom & Jinyoung, let's cancel the *cringe* rapline song and just have those two dance more.

I was surprised at how bad Jinyoung sounded half the time, really pitchy and shouty. Maybe he should rap and Jackson should sing. Youngjae can definitely sing, and he looks great. I wish people would stop telling him to lose weight, his figure is totally bangable. Yugyeom has no bum, he needs to get on those squats.

I enjoyed seeing their skin tone and actual heights too. I think one of the members insisted that their dancers be shorter than them. *snicker*.

OP, I have been hypnotized. I rather love it, it can feel peaceful, but I don't think it would work for habits & stuff (e.g. quit smoking). And I wouldn't do it in public.

Edited at 2019-07-12 03:59 pm (UTC)
apori Re: Got712th-Jul-2019 04:19 pm (UTC)
[Spoiler (click to open)]Thank you for this write up of the concert! It's nice to read some thoughts that aren't "uwu they were so perfect I cry". Solo stans have told me for almost 6 years that various vocal line member are "the only one who has any business singing!11!" But I've yet to see live video evidence that anyone but Youngjae has any business even having people talk about them like that lol. Yugyeom being bum-less is also a great shame, the proportions are otherwise so great (even though I made my opinion about his fashion clear before)!

And even though I don't think we've discussed it, I think we're at the same point with Jackson. I've been swinging back and forth, but I think the hype was purchased and it's just not for me.
imahurricane 12th-Jul-2019 02:46 pm (UTC)
work is killing me but i survive phew!

i need to vent. my group of friends didn't ask me to hang out with them. they know that i'm busy with work but asking me first would be nice. my other friend who couldn't go asked me why i didn't go with them and i said well nobody asked me! i didn't even know it in the first place until they left. i'm starting to overthink that they secretly don't like me :\
a_suitcase 12th-Jul-2019 04:12 pm (UTC)
Ahh I hate when this kind of thing happens :(. Probably they were just trying to be considerate, but I know it really hurts. Is there someone in your friends group you can ask why it happened, just to reassure yourself?
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