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Ok Taec-yeon & Comedian Kim Sook deal with stalkers

JYP boy band 2PM's member Ok Taec-yeon has created his own Instagram account and warned a stalker to stop harassing him.

He posted a picture of the stalker and wrote underneath "Stop it, I know it's you."

Ok created the account on Tuesday, explaining how the stalker kept making Instagram accounts with his email address, so he decided to create his own. He then welcomed fans to his "real" Instagram, where the artist spotted the stalker's comment.

He captured the comment and warned the stalker that he knows her account.

Many fans wrote comments asking others to report the account the artist had revealed.

Ok posted another picture, asking fans not to worry. He wrote: "I just let it go, thinking she will stop if I don't pay her any attention but I can't do so anymore. I got so much information from my fans. This kind of person who is proud and happy by bullying others needs some help."

Comedian reports stalker to police

Comedian Kim Sook has reported a woman to police for allegedly stalking her for 10 months, according to her agency IOK Company, Thursday.

"The woman has been consistently posting defamatory remarks online and recently even came to her house," an agency spokesperson was quoted as saying. "Kim felt this was life-threatening."

The company has applied for a temporary restraining order, reports said.

"This was to protect Kim," the spokesperson said. "The woman has also spread a groundless rumor that Kim has been monitoring her."

The agency said it could not reveal other details due to possible further damage.

"We will continue taking action to deal with vicious slander," the agency said.

Kim debuted in 1995. She is appearing in several TV shows, including MBC TV's "Where is My Home" and JTBC2's "Reply Night."

source: The Korea Times 1 2
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