11:02 am - 07/14/2019

Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour coming to Saudi Arabia

source: BigHitEnt

well, that was a surprise
nekokonneko 14th-Jul-2019 03:43 pm (UTC)
why make it about one fandom when kpop groups had been appealing to and going to china for years as an income source? that was exo's big calling card when they just started out and success there helped them immensely. super junior have basically limped on thanks to chinese fan buying albums. human rights abuses were happening then yet it was never pertinent to discussions here.
ostsiberia 14th-Jul-2019 03:58 pm (UTC)
Because this is a post pertaining to BTS, I follow their activities the most, and it's still a problem when other groups perform and promote in China. And you do make a good case, no one criticizing BTS and their SA show seemed to be alive when other Kpop groups promoted and performed in China 🤔

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