11:02 am - 07/14/2019

Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour coming to Saudi Arabia

source: BigHitEnt

well, that was a surprise
infj23 14th-Jul-2019 05:57 pm (UTC)
Yep. Using the fact that BTS promotes itself as socially conscious is a weak argument these days (I'd also argue being an UN ambassador is, too). Over the past few months, BH has been pursuing several business deals for short-term financial security rather than executing a long-term operational plan. Several decisions, announcements, and releases seem like desperate ploys. It's almost as if they didn't learn anything from the attempted collaboration with Yasushi Akimoto.

While I've questioned decisions BH has made, this is the first time I've questioned the direction of the company. It seems like a whack-a-mole strategy and planning right now.
nekobot 14th-Jul-2019 06:07 pm (UTC)
That's pretty much where I stand with this, being more shocked about the utter disregard for their brand/image than the actual performing in SA part. It might be a weird position to take because it sounds like bad behaviour only matters when it's broadcasted to the world but the fact that Big Hit can't be bothered to be seen PRETENDING (not even making a true attempt, but at least acting in a way where it seems like they give a shit about other people thinking they are trying) to be consistent or concerned about anything other than getting the max amount of money with no limit on integrity is what gets me most of all. You could argue that all sorts of countries deserve critique but you can't argue against the fact that there is so much negative attention on SA right now with no non-financial incentive for specifically performing there that it's absolutely impossible that they're being sent oblivious to what's happening and for any other reason than to keep the money train going.
infj23 14th-Jul-2019 10:47 pm (UTC)
BH really had an opportunity to differentiate itself from the other K-ent companies. This just solidifies there is nothing special about them other than receiving the hand of luck. Even the decision to ship TXT off to the US so quickly only underscores the lack of focus and direction.
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