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ZE:A's Debut Showcase

Today, Jan 13,2010, the new 9 member boy group ZE:A (Children of the Empire) finally threw their debut showcase!

The showcase takes place in a club located in KangNam-gu, Cheongdam-dong,Seoul and starts at 3 pm onwards with their senior Park JungAh and Seo InYoung conducting the event. The boys started their debut showcase by performing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Then ZE:A performed their single from their mini album Nativity like : ‘Love Coach’, ‘New Star’ and title single ‘Mazeltov’ to the attendees including their 150 fans at the showcase.

It is said that ZE:A members had shown a nice choreography and brilliant vocal performances in the showcase.

ZE:A: "We finally make this debut. We’re really happy and we’ll do our best and work hard to show our best appearance. We hope to become the best singers in Korea. ZE:A will work hard from now on", they said.

Park JungAh and Seo InYoung also expressed their feelings towards the group,” We see them growing, we see them since their trainee days and we think these boys will do great and we do look forward to see more from them. We’re proud to see that these boys are growing more and showed us a beautiful appearance,” they said.

On Jan 7, ZE:A already released their mini album “Nativity” with Mazeltov as their title single.

In addition, the group will do their promotion in various music shows starting this weekend by performing in KBS Music Bank (Jan 15), MBC Music Core (Jan 16) and SBS Inki Gayo (Jan 17).

Credits: Sookyeong, PeacefulxChaos@YT 1 and 2, EmpireChildren
Tags: debut, ze:a

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