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GOT7 Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

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This is pretty cheesy (or will make you incredibly mushy if you're the type) and it just shows how good friends they are, it's fricking cute okay

no you can't
sciencebottle 15th-Jul-2019 08:56 pm (UTC)
Gosh i got so mushy. I love them and their dynamics with each other. They seem so genuine.
camouflagecat god I love their dynamic so much15th-Jul-2019 08:57 pm (UTC)

lightframes Re: god I love their dynamic so much16th-Jul-2019 04:15 am (UTC)
I liked their segments the best, too
daynr 15th-Jul-2019 09:35 pm (UTC)
While this was adorable, I have NOTES.

1. JB does NOT eat in a way that makes food look adorable. JB eats like a starving 13 year old boy who just finished a soccer tournament. Taking a fourth bite before you have swallowed the first one is NOT a good look.

2. Hugging without moving IS hard.

3. BamBam and Yugyeom do, and always have, seemed like such friendship goals. I wonder how the transition to not living together went.

4. Jinyoung's pants are NOT norm-core basic, page apori. (look at the bottom of the legs.) Sadly, they're awful.

The last few years' emphasis of Jackson-Jinyoung OP makes me nervous.... 1. cause I'm afraid ain't noone really loving Mark, and 2. don't let Jackson's over-ambition and bad choices rub off on Perfectionist Jinyoung. I hope it's because Jinyoung can handle Jackson's earnest emotiveness and the rest are too much of 'boys' to do so.

I do like JB & Mark crying together.

I'm always interested in translations, and trying to figure out where different languages have overlap in vocabulary/concept and where they really don't. Like JB said Mark looked babo (I don't have korean on my work computer) but it was translated as naive. Does babo have all the nuances of the the 12 synonyms of fool? (naive is stretching it, and way old fashioned to be a synonym.)

THANKS OP! Quality content as always.
apori 15th-Jul-2019 09:57 pm (UTC)
LOL I was hating on the styling throughout this (WHAT were they thinking, they ALL look bad, but I'm almost enjoying the minimalist on Jackson just because it's a break from the usual including the orange monstrosity on Got2Day2019), but I had to go back and see the bottom of the pants and..... you were right, as you tend to be :( (But it's really his personal non-styled fashion that I hate the most, he could give us one ~løøk per year say, doesn't have to change his beige ways since that's what's working for him, but just something once in a while, as a famous worldly man who gets sent expensive shit for free.)
daynr 15th-Jul-2019 10:11 pm (UTC)
Aw, I actually thought Jackson and BamBam looked good, though I deliberately did not look at BamBam's shoes. Nice, clean lines on them both, and toned down from over doing it.

The rest are boring to bad. JB often looks like my great-grandpa in pants, literally the fit does, and I haven't figured out if he it's how he wears them, he likes them looking like that, or if it's his proportions. It makes me sad, cause nothing ruins sexy more than seeing your great-grandpa. (my was a life-long snuff chewer, so really really not sexy to picture.)

I appreciate that Jinyoung is wearing pink in the Got2Day. It's still a basic sweatshirt, but it's an actual lively color, and he looks good in it. Maybe the color trend will continue ....
haetbitmark 16th-Jul-2019 02:15 am (UTC)
With regards to Jinyoung-Jackson-Mark relationship, I think on the Jinyoung and Mark front at least, there's still a lot of love going on. When Mark had to sit out of schedules end of last year because he hurt his leg, Jinyoung brought it up during the anniversary fanmeeting. He mentioned how he felt Mark's absence when one member is missing and how precious it is to have everyone (and I think he quickly realised how it would sound for the other members since GOT7 is perpetually performing without a member at any one point) and then he added that instances like that happened in the past as well but he feels it more as time passed by.

When Mark isn't there with them, I think the members all feel it more. Because he's always there for them, when he's required to be, and even when he's not expected to be there. So while I think no one is loud or showy in their love for him when he's there, it truly shows when he's not around.

Plus the maknae line has pretty much claimed Mark as their go-to hyung. They've gotten very close and I think Mark has quite his hands full on entertaining Yugyeom and BamBam haha.
daynr 16th-Jul-2019 02:56 am (UTC)
oooh, my favorite kind of discussion, team dynamics, especially involving Mark (or JB) as he is less overt/open. I definitely did not see a lot of positive between Mark & Jackson while they were in the US, though I also didn't notice the others seeming too concerned. And the various chats about apartments make it seem like maknaes/Mark have visited each other's places, plus I noticed Mark & Yugyeom sharing hotels (now we know he can't be alone.)

I didn't pick up on the Jinyoung/Mark element you mentioned. I noticed Mark shows up at a lot of things, but I don't always know if it's his choice (aka Jus2 MCing). I wasn't sure about Mark/Youngjae before, but they seem pretty comfy with each other on Golden Key (while in Thailand, Mark & BamBam roomed and Jinyoung/Youngjae.)

Other thoughts you want to share? You have made my little gossip heart so happy.
pseudo_shigure 16th-Jul-2019 05:14 am (UTC)
about the babo thing. i dont think it's stretching it. i remember chanyeol use the same word to describe chen ("he's too nice he's like a fool" something like that and he used the same word). but i also dont speak korean.
apori 15th-Jul-2019 10:03 pm (UTC)
This was cute. This kind of brings home the message how much they've grown since pre-debut era.

And yes, thank you OP ms. camouflagecat you're the greatest whomst I appreciate a lot, unlike their stylist, for giving us quality content🙏.

I've never doubted the YugBam friendship, but I find them exhausting together so it's never been my "thing". I'm still looking forward to the updated Got2Day from them though, maybe hear about what moving apart has been like.

JB and Mark crying together eyes emoji.

Jinson is cute, I appreciate it when it's like this, not unhinged shippers pasting together weird "moments".
ssantigurrl 15th-Jul-2019 11:22 pm (UTC)
awww this was so cute
hpn88 16th-Jul-2019 03:02 am (UTC)
Yugbam are such genuinely good friends. their friendship with each other is one of their best traits. I think it means a lot when another person cares about you that much.
Jinson is very lowkey recently, but i think they always have each others backs
myungung 16th-Jul-2019 01:32 pm (UTC)
aww this was pretty sweet. I liked that they didn't put the usual groupings (except Bambam/Yugyeom), and though the activities were a little cringey I guess the boys make it work
rainstormraider 16th-Jul-2019 05:45 pm (UTC)
One of the things that got me into Got7 were that they had all the variety skills of Super Junior but the group dynamics of BTS and other groups that legitimately seem tight.

Any combination of sub-groupings within Got7 always seem genuine but by far the most obviously real interactions seem to be between Yugyeom and Bambam. I think there is a quality in Yugyeom that makes him seem very earnest and vulnerable that makes it hard to imagine that there is any real darkness in him.

The other dynamic I find fascinating is JB and Mark. They both seem to be the ones in control and one is more assertive than the other but its clear that Mark is someone all of them look up to in some capacity.

daynr 16th-Jul-2019 08:49 pm (UTC)
This is such a great encapsulation of what makes them fun/rewarding to watch, and I agree with you on Yugyeom. I hadn't thought of Mark liking to be in control so much as having boundaries about what he wants to do/thinks, so interesting.
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