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C.N.Blue's Debut Album Information

On January 14th, CNBLUE's first mini album [Bluetory] will be released.

1. 외톨이야 (타이틀 곡) "I'm a loner" (Title Song)
2. Love Revolution
3. Y, Why…
4. Now or Never
5. 그럴 겁니다… 잊을 겁니다… "I will..forget you..."

The new blue wind to stir up the K-pop scene,

The new band CNBLUE, who first debuted as an indie band in Japan and has been training themselves to their full talents, finally appears before the Korean public. After performing in streets in Japan, and live club stages over 100 times, CNBLUE already proved its skills through two single albums. But now they will release their Korean debut mini album ‘BLUETORY. CNBLUE can freely perform anything from straight and powerful sound to emotional ballad. Therefore, their debut album can be seen as the best playing card for the 2010 Kpop scene.

CNBLUE's 5 Different Colored Spectrum
CNBLUE's first minialbum ‘BLUETORY’ features a total of 5 songs including a title song and songs from their already released Japanese singles. Although simple, the album is filled with various types of songs that show off the band's dynamic spectrum.

Title song 'I'm a loner' is composed by the hit song generator Kim Don Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. It is a mix of heavy beat and addictive melody. It can be called a song that shows off color that only CNBLUE can express. 'Love Revolution,' composed partly by vocalist Jung Young Hwa, begans with a pure and clean guitar rip and shares the feeling of innocent first love with clean-cut rap and melody. ‘Y,Why’ was composed and written by Jung Yong Hwa and shows off the musician's talent. It begins with an edgy guitar strings followed by exploding electrical guitar, bass and drums. It is the CNBLUE brand rock ballad. ‘Now or Never’ is from the CNBLUE first Japan single, and will be translated into Korean in the album. Strong guitar intro that is rare in standard kpop is the most noted and includes a positive message that sends out strength and courage to everyone. "I will..forget you..." is also the Korean version of "Teardrops in the rain" from their first Japan single album. Missing an old lover is expressed through soft accoustic guitar and twin vocal by Lee Jong Hyun and Jung Yong Hwa.

CNBLUE, the most anticipated new group of 2010, is a skilled band that can handle anything from the alternative rock, ballad, rap and various other genres. Through their two singles released in Japan, they have already demonstrated their talents in composing, writing music. Also, all members, who are taller than 180 cm, are already rocking the stage for various CFs, photoshoots and dramas. Especially CNBLUE main vocal/guitar Jung Yong Hwa showed off his acting skills in SBS drama 'You are Beautiful' (SBS Drama Awards New Star Award Reciepient) and is the regular MC for "Sunday Sunday night." Like this, CNBLUE is the new rising star not only in the Kpop scene but for the whole celeb scene in 2010.

Mods, I took this from the CNBLUE-SKY forum, not Soompi :)

The MV will be released in a few hours :D No words can express my excitement ^^

1st member profiles + mini picspam
2nd member profiles + performance videos + 1st and 2nd teasers
3rd teaser
4th teaser
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