7:01 pm - 07/16/2019

One Spring Night: Episodes 29-30 & 31-32 (Final)


Synopsis: Lee Jung-In (Han Ji-Min) decides to prioritize happiness in her life. She works as a librarian. Her longtime boyfriend is Kwon Ki-Seok (Kim Joon-Han). He has impressive credentials like a good job as a department head at a bank, wealthy family, handsome and smart. Lee Jung-In meets Yoo Ji-Ho (Jung Hae-In). He is a pharmacist and a single dad. They fall in love.

Main Cast: Han Ji-min, Jung Hae-in, & Kim Jun-han.
Director: Ahn Pan-seok
Writer: Kim Eun
Network: MBC
Episodes: 32
Release Date: May 22 - July 11, 2019
Runtime: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 20:55 KST

Watch Here: Netflix
Sources: Asian Viki I Mydramalist
mallmouse 17th-Jul-2019 06:15 am (UTC)
ah, thank you for this post
Well, at least we had closure, unlike Secret Love Affair, which had the same director (writer too?). And at least we didn't get what happened in SITR. Plus, GS found someone, and she's hot.

Her dad not getting how abusive his oldest daughter's husband was and still rejecting JH was a mistake though imo. Also, I was so hoping that the kid would call her 'mom' or say how happy he is that he has got a mom because at that age he must have attended numerous birthday parties where he'd be the only one without one etc. Overall it was a good show though, leaving me with no other angsty romance shows to watch now...
apathycollusion 17th-Jul-2019 05:32 pm (UTC)

Lol, another show I started and never got to finish.

Thank god Eun's mother never came in the forefront. Lesser k-dramas would've used her as a plot device to further separate the pair.

It depicted how patriarchal SK can be and how antiquated his views were, while the mother represented the future direction that SK can go towards in terms of gender equality. Lol, I don't think there's really any rn. I do love angsty romance shows too!
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