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Hwasa for cosmo & more

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Talks About How She Overcomes Anxiety

In a recent interview and pictorial for Cosmopolitan Korea magazine, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa opened up about occasionally experiencing feelings of anxiety.

The singer, who will be gracing the cover of the magazine’s August issue, shared that she was excited for her photo shoot. She explained, “When I pose for a pictorial, I’m able to have more fun and enjoy the experience more than I do when I’m posing for an album cover or filming a music video. So I’m extremely excited.”

Hwasa went on to reveal that even though she was happy with her life and career, she sometimes dealt with inexplicable anxiety. “Although I’ve achieved my dream from childhood, there are times when I struggle with a shapeless anxiety,” she shared.

When I experience those kinds of feelings,” she continued, “I write lyrics or conceive a performance in my head. I get extremely excited and happy when I dream up performances and ask myself, ‘What kind of concept would work well for singing this song?'


MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Talks About Upcoming Solo Music, Dating Style, And More

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa filled the airwaves with fun stories on SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show.”

On the July 9 broadcast, the girl group member appeared as a special DJ.

DJ Kim Tae Kyun began, “I saw Hwasa a lot through MBC’s ‘I Live Alone.’ You eat tripe really well and are carefree.” Hwasa replied, “In real life, my personality is more quiet than carefree. My voice is usually quiet so I worried a lot. I’ll work hard to host the radio with a loud voice today.”

In February, Hwasa released her first song as a solo artist. Speaking about future solo promotions, she revealed, “I’m currently working hard to prepare a solo track after ‘Twit.'”

She also got candid about her romantic relationships. “I pour out expressions when dating,” said Hwasa. “That’s how much I express myself. I don’t know how to play hard to get.”

The MAMAMOO member also said, “Because I look exotic, many people mistake me for a foreigner. When I go overseas, people ask me for directions but I don’t know how to speak any English.”

Hwa Sa share her experience about being called ugly and fat + more about how she became part of mamamoo

source: soompi 1, 2, naver, cosmopolitankorea@insta 1, 2, newsen, cosmopolitan, MINTBOX, hun-soo, gingerfany
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