5:52 pm - 07/21/2019

X1 to hold their debut showcase next month

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spread 22nd-Jul-2019 04:28 am (UTC)
I'm so happy and proud for my man Hangyul!!
I've been following his career for years now.
I deserves the world tbh.
He's such a good dude.
bloodtaki2 22nd-Jul-2019 06:16 am (UTC)

Is this the episode reaction post? If not, let me just say this quickly to vent out:

I was so glad yuvin and yunseong were centre, cause I thought they fit the best and was hoping the extra screen time would help them but I was then let down. What a waste.

Lee Hangyul is the Chaewon of this season. Bless.

I'm devastated that Jinhyuk didn't make it. Looking at past seasons, I knew in my heart that either seungyoun or him would jump.

I'm putting all my obsession on seungyoun otherwise I'll just rage about Jinhyuk. Did you know that aside from being in a group, he goes by different stage names when he's on the hip hop scene, when he's a producer or when he sings ballads? Also, he's part of a rap collective thing with other idols? And he can speak Portuguese?! Is there anything the man can't do? Suddenl I get a lot of "new" material to watch while waiting for x1 to debut. Bless.

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