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HuNan TV hopeful to gather The 4 Hanazawa Rui (Hua Zhe Lei) for CNY

After being rumored to have invited the hotly famous Susan Boyle for New Year, HuNan TV CNY show leaked out that they might be able to gather the 4 "Hanazawa Rui" from the Taiwanese, Mainland, Japanese, Korean versions, forming for the first time ever a group of "Flowerlike boys"

"Meteor Garden", "Hana Yori Dango", "Boys over Flowers", and "Meteor shower " , no matter if they're from Taiwan, Mainland, Japan or Korea, the 4 Idols groups would always bring a flower like boys storm. Kim Hyun Joong, Shun Oguri, Zaizai and Yu Hao Ming each "Hua Zhe Lei" became numerous girls Idols. And now, HuNan TV CNY show's directing team states that they wnt to invite the 4 of them for a gathering on the 7th, and are currently contacting the 4 actors for that purpose. If it goes through this time, it will definitly make the fans who love the "flower boys" crazily hapy.

Looking at the possibilities of it happening, Yu Ming Hao as HuNan TV boy he has 100% chances of being able to attend.
As for Kim Hyun Joong, who is a member of Korean SS501 Idol group, the show had previously leaked out that they wanted to invite SS501 to perform ; so there's 80% chances he'll appear that night.
Then, about Shun Oguri, who had acted with great success in "Gokusen" and "Hana Yori Dango" isn't an Idol as hotly famous as before, but no news of him wanting to break into chinese market had been released, so the chances of him attending is only of 40 %.
Last but not least is Zaizai, Vic Zhou who can be counted as the most unforgettable "Hua Zhe Lei", but because he is now having love issues, as his rumors with Bowie Tsang makes him having problems to focus on work, his chance to come to the show is only 50 %, if Zaizai can appear in Hu Nan, there will be many press members who will endlessly ask him questions.

From analysing the possibilities, gathering the 4 "Hua Zhe Lei" successfully can only reach 70 % but the chances of gethering them is still quite high, so on the night of new year, Hu Nan TV is going to reveal one by one their surprises...

source: qq
translation: bee@asianfanatics
Tags: boys over flowers, kim hyun joong, ss501
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