11:00 pm - 07/23/2019

[GOT2DAY 2019] 07. Youngjae & BamBam

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Source: GOT7 / gif

01. Jackson & Youngjae
| 02. Jinyoung & BamBam | 03. Youngjae & Yugyeom | 04. JB & Jackson | 05. Jinyoung & Yugyeom | 06. Mark & Jackson | 07. Youngjae & BamBam

Everyone's just out to expose Jaebum in this group lol

(also idk is it just my computer but the video kinda starts lagging around the 8:44 mark, hopefully it's just me)
daynr 24th-Jul-2019 02:26 am (UTC)
I have been waiting for this, after I got spoiled a bit, thanks OP!
The video had problems for me too.

I had trouble tracking half of what was going on/they were saying. (though at sleeping BamBam in Korean it says Mark and in English Yugyeom, so maybe it wasn't just me.) And what's the idol room nonsense that is half the episode? Help a girl out?

I hope they start an exposure one-upmanship of ALL the members, do it for Aghases. They're hella competitive, I feel like this should be doable.

daynr 24th-Jul-2019 03:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I think I missed everything in that post.

I've been multitasking at work at home this week, with dream high on in the back. Have you seen episode 10, about 38 minutes in. There is like 15 seconds of jinyoung in a surprising costume? 👀 When did he develop modesty, cause apparently it wasn't at 18?
camouflagecat 24th-Jul-2019 04:25 pm (UTC)
Loool I've like wiped out most of DH2 out of my memory but I'm pretty sure you're talking about the white leotard suit. Now there's an interesting case, if only there was a situation where someone asked him about it or they were made to react to it... I remember it didn't even make much sense in context either lol.
daynr 24th-Jul-2019 05:26 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure I'll remember anything since it's on in the background or fast forward, but the 2am guy isn't bad. And I now feel badly that it seems JB was pushed a lot more than Jinyoung, and that Jinyoung's dance shine was replaced by Yugyeom.
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