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Big Bang's Interview For 1/5 Non-No Magazine

We want to make music that anyone can listen to and think “This is good”

The popular Korean group Big Bang is currently very popular in Japan too. Their single “Let Me Hear Your Voice” was chosen as the opening theme for the drama “One Person” last year, and they have been rising to popularity ever since.

GD: When I found out our song was going to be on a Japanese drama, at first I was really anxious. But… if I may say so myself, doesn’t the song fit well with the drama? (laughs)”

Despite the fact that their average age is only 20.4, they are all capable of songwriting/composing/producing. The quality of the songs they create are also highly acknowledged.

GD: Our aim is to make music that everyone can feel is good. Um…it’s a bit frustrating cause I can’t think of the right words to express it, but I guess its just music that we like. I think that music that we like and believe in ourselves will be a lot more appealing to other people listening to it too.

YB: Our songwriting/composing/singing/dancing skills aren’t even that great. It’s just that everyone likes our music. I think talent comes naturally when you’re doing something that you really love.

You 5 members say that “until 2 months ago, we were all living under the same roof.” It seems amazing that you’re working AND spending so much of your free time with each other?”

DS: Yeah. We often get asked whether we argue a lot, but we don’t at all.

TOP: We try to combine all our opinions to decide the best way to do things.

YB: And to tell the truth, we recently all got our own rooms. Our maknaes Seungri and Daesung are probably a lot more comfortable now.

DS: I seriously felt like I could fly.

VI: I can finally sleep! (laughs)

You 5 work together perfectly as a group. Lastly, what’s the next thing you want to achieve in Japan?

YB: Only Korean actresses have been in our music videos up to now but it would be great to work with Japanese actresses too. Like, say… a model from Non-No!!

TOP: Sure. Is this really for the music video and not just for you??

YB: Of course. (laughs) My solo MVs first though please!

VI: I want them to be on G-Dragon’s solo MVs!

GD: Huh? Why mine and not yours? (laughs)

YB: …Our opinions always seem to clash when there are women involved. (laughs)

Korean source: 구름위를달려 @ VIPZ
Translation credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP

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