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Treasure 13's debut plans are reportedly put on hold

Plans have reportedly been put on hold for YG Entertainment’s new boy group TREASURE 13. Yang Hyun Suk previously stated that TREASURE 13 was scheduled to debut sometime between May and July of this year.

On July 24, an inside source of YG Entertainment shared, “Main producer Yang Hyun Suk, who had control over TREASURE 13’s debut project, recently stepped down due to suspicions of prostitution mediation, leading to an unintentional setback [for TREASURE 13]. Internally, TREASURE 13’s debut project has basically been postponed indefinitely.”

In response to the reports, YG Entertainment commented, “We have nothing to say on the matter.”

Yang Hyun Suk was recently booked by the police for suspicions of prostitution mediation.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
Tags: #yg, debut, yg entertainment
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