11:24 pm - 07/25/2019

[GOT2DAY 2019] 08. Jackson & Yugyeom

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01. Jackson & Youngjae
| 02. Jinyoung & BamBam | 03. Youngjae & Yugyeom | 04. JB & Jackson | 05. Jinyoung & Yugyeom | 06. Mark & Jackson | 07. Youngjae & BamBam | 08. Jackson & Yugyeom

not Jackson just gushing over Yugyeom's brother for half the episode lmao
(also it bothers me that the subs write it as Uigyeom when everywhere else I've seen it written as Eugyeom, just saying)
daynr 25th-Jul-2019 09:32 pm (UTC)
Does anyone have knowledge/theories on the order in which they're releasing these?

And will we get 49 (wouldn't that be all pairings?)
camouflagecat 25th-Jul-2019 09:56 pm (UTC)
No idea, they always tease the next couple a few days before that ep airs, other than that idk (but judging by the clothes they're all filmed on the same day?).

Has the other got2day had all the pairings? I guess not bc I don't remember there being 49 episodes before.
daynr 25th-Jul-2019 10:04 pm (UTC)
Math. I think pairings would be 42, actually, and I don't think we had that many before but I will be sad if we don't get to see all pairings. Maybe they'll do a part two later this year with any pairings not covered this round.

Do you know if these are popular? They seem relatively low budget, but do they do as well as their other series? I luff them (but I like most of their stuff.)
camouflagecat 25th-Jul-2019 10:52 pm (UTC)
I've gotten the understanding they're super appreciated and loved by the (at least intl)fandom, but idk how it reflects in views etc.

I think the charm of it is it's really simple and maybe "intimate" setting (actually has a bit better budget than the first one, which Jackson didn't fail to point out lol), and that you see the dynamics of each pairings better in the one on one sessions, there's not really any other show that provides this.

haetbitmark 26th-Jul-2019 01:49 am (UTC)
Actually it's 21 pairings haha and we've always gotten all the pairings in all the series of GOT2DAY. Each member has an episode with the other 6 boys.
daynr 26th-Jul-2019 02:24 am (UTC)
Yeah... I was double counting. 🤦. Fortunately, other people are less slow.
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