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Hero star watches finale with fans

MBC’s Hero is ending tomorrow, and its star Lee Jun-ki is marking the event by watching the finale with fans in a special screening.

This event will host 300 members of his official fan club and be held on January 14 in Seoul’s Kangnam Samsung-dong Megabox theater. In addition to the last episode, attendees will watch highlights from the series, video messages sent from the cast, NGs and the like. Following this screening, Lee will head to Japan for another Hero-related event on January 16.

While the drama never caught on with the public — Hero’s ratings have hovered between 4%-6% and today’s penultimate episode brought in a 4.7% — it has a core set of loyal fans and has been praised as a well-acted and solid drama. It had some bad luck by going up against blockbusters — IRIS, then Chuno — but personally I don’t think it would have been a mainstream hit even with a better timeslot. Having watched several early episodes, I thought it had appeal, but its tone and material keep it at the mania level.

Source: Asiae
Via: dramabeans
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