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Police start investigating possible voting manipulation on Produce X 101 and more news!

What happened so far: posted here
- After Mnet first denied voting manipulation (suspicions rose up because of identical gaps between trainees' votes), fans started to gather and wanted to take legal action against the show.
- Mnet then admitted that there was an error in calculating the votes but ensured that it did not affect the final ranking.

- With the continued backlash, Mnet then released a new statement, saying that they did an internal investigation but couldn't verify the facts, so they would request for a 3rd party to investigate.

"First of all, we deeply apologize for causing controversy regarding the vote results and announcement for the “Produce X 101” live show.

Mnet carried out an internal investigation following the controversy, but the judgment was made that there may be limitations in verifying the facts. As a result, we have submitted a request for investigation to an investigative agency with public credibility. Mnet will actively cooperate with the investigation to clearly reveal the facts, and we will take responsibility if necessary."

- After that, it was reported that according to several sources in the entertainment industry, a high-level Mnet staff member spoke with the companies of the 9 eliminated trainees and offered them to be included in the X1 lineup if they were not satisfied with voting results.
- Furthermore Mnet allegedly said that they would also support if BY9 made their debut.
- According to the reports, all agencies turned down the suggestion.

> “If we were to accept this offer, it would make it seem like we acknowledge that there was manipulation of the votes and also that we tolerate that, and so we turned it down.”
> “This is a plan that would hurt not only the eliminated trainees but also the trainees who were decided to debut with X1.”
> “This would disaffirm the reliability of the final episode.”

- Mnet confirmed a meeting happened, but that the reports were exaggerated.
“We met with agency representatives today to explain that we will be requesting a formal investigation regarding the vote manipulation controversy. At the meeting, we heard their opinions on how it should be dealt with if the investigation finds that there was an unexpected victim.”
“We asked for the agencies’ opinions about what they wanted if an unexpected victim were to be found — whether they would want them to be added to X1 or if they wanted them to debut in another group.”
“Each of the agencies had different opinions. The most important thing is that the trainees and agency staff are not hurt.”

- Today, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cyber investigation team started an internal investigation into Produce X 101, after they have received such a request from Mnet itself.

source: @soompi, soompi 1 2 3, naver 1 2 3 4

If I was one of those eliminated trainees, I would grab this opportunity, backlash be damned. A great paycheck for 5 years and that much exposure? Also, i think fans would get over it quickly bc X1 haven't started promotions yet and they all know them from the show. What do you think of the recent developments?
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