8:55 am - 07/27/2019

EXO-SC '부르면 돼 (Closer to you)' MV

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hallyujah random thoughts27th-Jul-2019 06:36 pm (UTC)
-So the main chorus lyric is "We can call a substitute driver" lol, b/c apparently they want to fuck in the back seat of the car (but still be driven to where they need to go?). Maybe that's why with those lyrics they didn't have the boys in hardly any scene together so ppl wouldn't think they want to take each other to the back seat... until the end where it looks like they're both getting some fresh air after a steamy back seat sesh lol.

-Also Bless Capitalist Sehunnie with his "I wanna buy shares in your pretty heart." Lucky for you, Sehun, I am a gold digger and you can buy my heart for $10,000/share.

-This is truly 0 budget, yet better than What a Life

-I can't stop laughing at the What a Life video where they look like 2 rich douches with like 0 friends lmao, and they only have 2 people on the whole yacht with them that makes it seem like the girls were hookers mediated by YHS. Even the party scene at the end was like 12 ppl lolol.

-Also Sehun, ilu, but your music career is a no from me, dawg.
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