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Iconic TV show producer returns with show inspired by YouTube vlogs

Kim Tae-ho, the main producer of the weekend TV show "Infinite Challenge," returned to show business with a new Saturday TV show, a trendy reality program inspired by YouTube video blogs.

The new program, "How Do You Play?" whose first episode is set to be broadcast by MBC on Saturday evening, again employs high-profile TV personality Yoo Jae-suk as the main cast member, following the duo's successful collaboration in "Infinite Challenge."

Launched in 2005, "Infinite Challenge" ran till March last year, becoming one of the longest-running and most commercially successful TV shows.

Like "Infinite Challenge," "How Do You Play?" is experimental in format and content.

Ahead of its official launch this week, MBC last Saturday aired a preview episode of the new weekend show, which featured a series of comedians and TV stars who recorded their leisure time as if in YouTube vlogs.

Yoo was the first to appear and was followed by TV personalities such as Jo Se-ho, DinDin and U-Know Yunho, a member of popular male duo TVXQ.

"It's close to a character(-oriented) variety show. For now, it's hard to define, but it will proceed in accordance with reactions from viewers," Kim said in a press conference for the new show on Thursday, hinting that the show's format will be open-ended.

"Every episode will be in a new format. The future direction and the potential for the show's growth do not depend on us, but the viewers should be partly in charge," Kim said, vowing to cater to the tastes and feedback of viewers.

He also referred to his wish to launch another season of "Infinite Challenge," which enjoyed ratings well over the 10 percent mark.

"I decided that it will be impossible for now ... but I am discussing the possibility (of resuming the show) with the cast members because it's one of the shows I want to do again," Kim said.

Appearing on a live broadcast on the internet the same day, Yoo Jae-suk also referred to his reunion with Kim.

"I was dumbfounded after he just left a camera with me and went away. I did not know what to do, but at the same time I was excited," Yoo said.

"The program could undergo some trial and error. If you give us feedback, we will look at it and get better little by little," the TV star said, referring to the show's versatility.

In addition to the reality show, another weekly Sunday show by Kim will launch on MBC in August as the producer resumes his show business career in full swing.

The Sunday evening show, whose Korean title translates as "Funding Together," is designed to get viewers to participate in crowdfunding projects.

"It's a program where you draw people in and realize crowdfunding projects such as producing goods or events," Kim said.

The other show sounds kind of like Shark Tank? But with crowdfunding instead of the millionaires.

source: Yonhap News
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