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Crayon Pop's Way Answers Questions about Idols Smoking, Drinking, Clubbing, and Being Gay

-More idols than you'd expect smoke including boy groups and girl groups. None of the members of Crayon Pop smoke but have witnessed others smoking and can smell it on other idols when they're shaking hands.
-There's a lot of waiting around in Music Shows, so some idols take a quick car ride with the windows down to smoke but there's a risk that someone will see and take a photo, so they park in a specific place.
-When Crayon Pop was active, Way used to drink when she was stressed because she had an irregular schedule, had to stay up late to film MVs and get up early morning, Way had insomnia so she drank to fall asleep. She doesn't drink a lot now.
-Some celebrities go to a private bar or VIP rooms to drink, companies can't monitor them when they're there. Sometimes celebs get each others' phone numbers at VIP rooms. A friend of Way's invited her to a party and a popular celebrity asked for her number.
-Way avoids suspicious people, so she hasn't really seen drug use at a club.
-At a big award party, a celeb had weird eyes and behaviours, did a weird sexy dance in front of many people including seniors and staff. The next time Way saw the celeb, it was on the news.
-There are some celebs that are out of the closet and some that aren't because there's a lot of things to handle and they might lose roles. Some celebs have come out to their closest friends. Way has many gay friends.
-Some gay idols meet their partners in gay clubs but also go there to hang out and build community. There's also an app where they can find other gay celebs.

Source: Wayland
Tags: crayon pop, drugs, lgbt / rights
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