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Jokwon's angry serenade to Ga-In 'The only thing I can give you is this kiss'

2AM Jokwon made a surprise proposal to his 'wife' Ga-In on MBC's We Got Married.

Jokwon and Ga-in's display of affection for each other has got the netizens suspecting that they are dating. When Jokwon appeared on SBS 'Star King', he sang a love serenade to his wife, Ga-in.

The couple kept whispering to each other during the recording and their affection of each other even made the Star King panel jealous. However, their happy moments came to a stop when a member of a vocal group participating in 'Star King' sang a love serenade to her and even kissed her hand.

Jokwon, outraged at the turn of events, stood in the middle of the stage and sang his version of 2AM's 'This Song' with the lyrics 'The only thing I can give you is this kiss' (T/N: The original goes: 'The only thing I can give you is this song').

The Star King panel burst out laughing upon seeing this side of Jokwon and asked if that song revealed his true feelings for Ga-in.

The episode where Ga-in was almost stolen from Jokwon will be aired this Saturday on the 16th at 6:30PM.

Source: TVDaily
Translation by sparkskey@ Omona Prection
Tags: 2am, brown eyed girls, couple, jo kwon, tv shows
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