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Fans accuse NCT manager of mistreating Renjun, Renjun clarifies it was a misunderstanding

Recently, NCT fans were accusing a NCT manager mistreating NCT Dream member Renjun after a video of NCT Dream leaving Inkigayo was uploaded. Renjun was seen running around outside in the rain without an umbrella, without a manager, and without his members. Several fans have pointed out that one of NCT's managers allegedly prioritized her own shelter from the rain above Renjun's as she was seen entering the vehicle while Renjun waited out in the rain for another vehicle. Fans were especially sensitive because in prior weeks, they already believed there to be instances of alleged poor treatment of Renjun (Renjun being cut off when talking about WinWin on Vlive) .

The outrage grew so loud, that Renjun himself had to clarify in a recent Vlive that he actually forgot his Airpods and couldn't find their car because of changed license plates. Also, the manager who supposedly took Renjun's seat was actually Jeno's driver.

source: 147company, EllieMarie3, kkum825
Tags: fandom freakouts, nct

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