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Kangta cheating scandal: a third woman speaks up

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TV personality Oh Jung Yeon (op note: She's also Knowing Bros Seo Jang‑hoon's ex-wife) took to Instagram on August 2 to share a post that many are linking to the recent reports of Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn’s relationship.

On August 1, rumors began that H.O.T’s Kangta and racing model Woo Joo Ahn were dating after she posted a video on her Instagram of herself and Kangta being affectionate with each other. SM Entertainment clarified that the video was old and the pair had broken up years ago. Woo Joo Ahn posted to apologize and explain that they had recently begun to meet again after their breakup, but on August 2 both Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn confirmed that they decided to end their relations.

Later that day, Oh Jung Yeon posted a screenshot on Instagram of trending search terms on a portal site, which include Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn’s names.

Her post:
If I’ve been dating someone for half a year and meeting them every day, and then I discover my partner in bed with another woman?
It is of course a shock.

If that person, who had said they were going to sleep early but secretly was spending time with another woman, were to appear in a confident manner?
The shock is doubled.

In addition, if that partner was someone that I had thought of as an idol since I was young?
It has such an enormous impact that it makes everything in the world that I’ve seen, heard, and believed feel like a lie.

This is something I personally experienced two years ago,
And after that I was incredibly hurt and suffered for a long time.

I managed to overcome it and have been living happily,
but yesterday and today the names of those two people have been appearing in the realtime search rankings, and after I saw that the nightmare came back to me clearly.

A shameless person who makes someone else cry tears of blood should be punished,
but won’t they just handle it as though there’s been no issue and keep working…
Is it useless to hope for a world in which there is justice?

It was also reported on August 1 that Kangta has been dating Jung Yu Mi for two years, however their agencies denied the reports.
Kangta’s Instagram account has now been placed on private.

Woo Joo Ahn then came forward with her own Instagram post on August 3 talking about the events mentioned by Oh Jung Yeon.

She wrote the following:

I hope the person who targeted me with their sensational words knows that they have greatly hurt me and the people around me. I know about the day that you mentioned.

On that day, we were watching a cartoon in the room when a person wearing a cap came in and asked who I was and how long I had been dating him. Because you kept pressing, I replied that we had only been dating for a couple of weeks.

It was a very shocking and horrific event, and I was so scared because I didn’t know what to do. I was scared that I’d become someone who ruined a precious relationship, which is the way that you look at me now. Without a doubt, it was April, and you told me that you had been dating him until last year.

It was embarrassing and difficult for me, but since I thought that there must be a reason for you to come all this way, I remember leaving quietly for you two to talk it out.

You two had your discussion between yourselves, and I did not hear any word of what you talked about. Because it was a very traumatic day for me, I clearly remember everything that happened.

I am already tormented by the hate and criticism that I am receiving regardless of this. Until now, I had no idea who that person was and lived without knowing, but must I now be suddenly labeled as “the other woman” because of your whims?

Since it seems that you actually knew my name and face all this time, it would have been nice if you had called me instead and told me if there was a truth I didn’t know.

If there was something I was misunderstanding, there was plenty of time to tell me…

I beg of you, do not frame me as “the other woman” without any proof.

The pain of a lost love can happen to anyone, and it is a difficult matter that can seem like your own special hell. It is not that I haven’t also felt the emotions that you are feeling. If you understand, please do not take out your anger on me.

Even if you are angry, that rage shouldn’t be directed at me. I was also so scared and hurt that day. I sincerely ask that you don’t misunderstand.

Following his recent controversy involving Woo Joo Ahn and Oh Jung Yeon, it has been announced that Kangta will not participate in the SMTOWN concerts this weekend.

On August 3, a notice was posted on SMTOWN’s official Japanese website regarding changes to the lineup of SMTOWN Live 2019 in Tokyo.

The notice stated, “Kangta, who was set to appear in the concerts, will be withdrawing his participation due to his poor (health) condition. He has been trying to recuperate in order to stand on stage again, but it looks like it will be difficult for him to do so.”

They concluded by stating, “We apologize for sharing this news just before the concert. We ask for your understanding.”

The news comes following a series of events where he and racing model Woo Joo Ahn clarified their relationship after she posted old videos of them together, which was then followed by claims from TV personality Oh Jung Yeon who implied that Kangta cheated on her with Woo Joo Ahn when they were dating. Woo Joo Ahn has responded to Oh Jung Yeon’s post while Kangta has stayed silent on the issue.

The Tokyo SMTOWN concerts will be held from August 3 to 5.

[Netizen comments]
1. [+2,519, -19] Both Oh Jung Yeon and Jung Yumi were famous for being Kang Ta fans... how can he use their fan feelings like this...??? Farewell...

2. [+1,436, -12] How is it that he went around picking out the women who he knew were his fans ㅡ ㅡ how embarrassing to be caught cheating like this, why does he live lik ethis..

3. [+1,077, -21] He totally has a prince disease. He's not even that handsome compared to idols these days.

4. [+686, -10] Kang Ta-ya, this is so sad

1. [+803, -4] Hul, was he dating Oh Jung Yeon too? And she caught him at the scene of the crime? Wow, this is daebak. How bad was he that she felt the need to publicly post like this? So he was dating three women at once...?

2. [+678, -4] Wow, he's really crazy

3. [+616, -3] He was cheating with multiple women...

4. [+168, -0] I remember Oh Jung Yeon said on 'Radio Star' that she once met someone she idolized but was disappointed in real life and it made her depressed... Kang... Ta?

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tl;dr: Kangta dated Oh Jung Yeon two years ago, when she caught him cheating with Woo Joo Ahn. He then went on dating Woo Joo Ahn until they broke up last year, but started "meeting" her again in July. Also, it seems like he's been dating Jung Yumi for the last two years as well.
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